I Wish to Buy The Entire Chumbak Store

Mar 31, 2016

Chumbak Store in Mall of India, Nodia

During my last trip to Delhi, I made a quick trip to Noida just to visit Mall of India. While the whole place is still taking shape with stores slowly mushrooming all over the mall, one store stands out tall. I have never been to any Chumbak store. Chumbak for me has been one brand with great products but with tough availability. I wanted to get my laptop case from there but there was just one option available for my laptop size in entire Kolkata.

Not here.

Here, I was a kid left in an amusement part without parental supervision. 

I wanted to buy everything. I am not kidding. I am very much serious. I loved the cups, the cushion covers, the apparels (that too on 70% off), posters...ohhh the posters.. the Cat with two fishes and also that Owl one were perfect. 

But, before I could heap everything on my lady hands and run to the billing counter, reality struck me.
  • I do not live here.
  • I do not live nearby.
  • My city is city fifteen freaking hundred km away and all these items are fragile.
  • I am not even going to my city now. By that time, it was clear that I was returning to Ahmedabad and might have an extended stay here in Ahmedabad.

All this didn't stop me from picked an owl salt and pepper shaker set.

I could not just leave the owls behind. You know it was night, I was feeling that those owls won't like to stay in the store anymore. They deserve freedom.....so,....#ThingsShopoholicsSay

Hello, Dancer!
The Own cups! The Fox plate! The EVERYTHING!
I need this Owl poster in my life
I died out of cuteness
I got these two back with me. I wanted to plate as well but #RealityIsAB**ch
Yo Mama!
Huge range of apparels - heaven for those who love quirky
Travel by Bicycle? Yes, please.

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