A Week in Ahmedabad

Mar 23, 2016


On 6th March night (read: 11 PM), I got a call from the office asking me if I was ready to travel for a work opportunity in Ahmedabad. As I am making a point not to say no to new experiences, I said yes. So, in 12 hours I was catching a flight. Also, there was a week-long plan of Delhi right after this trip so, packing was not easy. All done and complete, I am flying to Ahmedabad. I fell in love with the city even before it landed. All the perfectly lined building, clean and green.

But, I was here for a week and there was no way I could visit all the places. On top of that my days were fixed – stay at a hotel in Satellite (yes, I stayed in Satellite, and I cannot tell you how happy I am to say that out loud #SomethingToTellMyGrandkids #GrannyStayedInSatellite) and going to outer Ahmedabad for 12 hours of work. 

Luckily, the driver who picked me from Airport was a sweet old man and friendly just like all good people of Gujarat. He told me about the history of Ahmedabad, the 12 gates, the old brick walls and other places. He also showed me all the cool places, and that was Ahmedabad for me. I clicked some pictures while the cab ran through the city. 

Thankfully, even the driver who dropped me back to Airport was a cool guy. He detoured and stopped at Law Garden market just for me. Just, to remember the place by, I wanted to buy something handmade in here. Globalization has already killed it, and you easily get whatever is produced in any city everywhere in India. But, someway I felt that this place was different. Law Garden Market comes alive in the evening. I went there in the afternoon so, a handful shops were open. I had no time to browse the stalls so, quickly picked two tribal inspired neckpieces. Both of them were for just Rs 150 #CoolDeal 

I was sad to leave because I could not visit Sabarmati Ashram. Who comes to Ahmedabad and does not visit the place where Gandhi lived? I was excited to meet my hubby in Delhi but, someway I wanted to come back. 

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque won my heart with the beautiful stone carved designs
Dariyapur Gara is one of the 12 Purana Darwaja of Ahmedabad
Remains of the Old Walls
100 Years old Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad
Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmibai, BRTS

Riverfront Sabarmati Ahmedabad

Loved this building but no idea what it is...
All clean and green in here

Government Office?

Pigeons soaring the sky. I have spotted several birds here which I have never seen in my life

Sunset from my office. Isn't is just serene?
Magical Floating Water Fountain Ahmedabad India
Quick stop at Law Garden Market. This place is famous for its Chaniya Cholis
Law Garden is where you can pick several handmade products as well

Fancy some colorful borders for your sarees and ethnic outfits?

Metal alloy jewelry for the ethnic you
My picks from Law Garden. Both necklace for Rs 150
Sardar Patel, The Iron Man of the India
Shopping from Bipha Ayurveda at Airport. See what I got here - Bipha Ayurveda Haul

Can you spot the railway station?


In the last week, the stars just lined in a different matter and guess what? I am back to Ahmedabad and might stay here for ONE MONTH. God! I have too many things on my bucket list for this place with absolutely no time in hand. Let’s see which checkboxes gets checked on my list. 

If you are from here, do let me know what you thing that I must do here. Because best discoveries are either the ones suggested by friends or things you discovered out of the blue. For example, yesterday I tried the panipuri/golgappa here. Instead of the one variety of pani or two, here they serve FIVE variety – regular, digestive, mint, garlic and lemon! I loved it. 

Now, tell me your suggestions. I am all ears. 



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