5 New Himalaya Herbals Lip Care // Free from Mineral Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Silicones

Mar 1, 2016

5 New Himalaya Herbals Lip Care Review
Soft Natural Vanilla, Rich Cocoa Butter, Litchi Shine, Peach Shine, and Strawberry Shine

Someone give Himalaya Herbals a pat on their back. They have introduced 5 new lip balms which are free from mineral oil, petroleum jelly, preservatives, and silicones. Even the colors and Vitamin E used in the lip balms are 100% natural. 

The 5 variants can be broadly classified into two groups – color and care.

  • Care consists of Soft Natural Vanilla and Rich Cocoa Butter. 
  • Color consists of Litchi Shine, Peach Shine, and Strawberry Shine. 

Now, this is not completely new. They already had the strawberry one in a tad different packaging and even they were free of the chemicals I mentioned here. 

Price - Rs 125

Packaging – Twist up plastic with matching caps as the body. The base of color ones are clear and other are opaque.

Fragrance – The color ones are perfect. They smell exactly like natural fruit. While I was taking the pictures with the caps open, I was mesmerized by the fruity smell and just wanted to rush and get a fruit Popsicle. I thought that at least the strawberry one will be a bit artificial but I was wrong. The peach one reminds me of The Body Shop Vineyard Peach range. But, I love the Litchi one the most because I like the fruit as well :P

The cocoa one is like mild cocoa butter. The vanilla one is confusing as my nose picks up bubblegum (Big Babol?)

Color – I swatched them on my arm and got confused. Only the strawberry one shows a little. The rest are almost clear. 

Texture – This is what I love the most. They are free from petroleum jelly so, they neither feel heavy nor does it just sit on your lips. Instead the lip balm but nourish. Also, they are not super glossy – just a healthy sheen. The texture is comparable with the lip balm from the USA. They instantly rescue from chapped lips. Will check in drier weather to see if it can heal like Burt’s Bees.

All in all, because of the absence of color and the non-greasy texture, they are perfect to use used under matte lipsticks.

Ingredients – As I mentioned in the beginning, they are free of things that I definitely do not want in life. But, the interesting thing is that the packaging does not mention the ingredients list. I am trying to connect with the Himalaya Herbals team and will share it with you when I get an update. L

But, do note that the previous version had the complete ingredients list. I have not used the previous one so, cannot compare. The previous version with dominated by beeswax and natural oils.

Overall - I love them. For the price, it is refreshing to see a beeswax lip balm available in 5 flavors. The packaging is fuss free and has improved in looks. The texture is great and I am going to use it under matte lipsticks. But, if you are looking for tint then it is not the one you need. The only thing I do not like is why shout about the good ingredients when the ingredients list itself is missing?


*Products provided by brand in exchange for my honest review

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