Oilcraft Naturals Jojoba Anti-Aging Serum

Feb 1, 2016

Oilcraft Naturals JOJOBA Anti-Aging Serum Review
Oilcraft Naturals Jojoba Anti-Aging Serum Review (Cheapest Face Oil)

Happy February! My birthday month is here! Just 11 days more :) But, is it just me or January got over too fast? Fortunately, it was a good month for my skin. I tried new things that worked. 

I swear by facial oils and everyone knows it by now. The search for a simple and cost effective face oil lead me to Oilcraft Naturals Jojoba Age Defying Serum. It is the most economical face oil I have tried and have the simplest of ingredients. Here are my views after using it for a month.

Price – Rs 700 for 15ml (Cheapest Facial Oil in India!)

Fragrance – Light and pleasant

Packaging – Blue glass bottle with metal cap and plastic stopper. The stopper is not very effective to provide the amount I need. I am using the glass dropper from an old Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi bottle which interestingly fits perfectly and screws in tight.

Ingredient – Jojoba Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Plant Collagen, Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Green Tea, Lichi & Fig extract

Texture –  Natural light oil

Efficacy – Let me start by saying that I started using it with zero hope. I was almost on the verge of giving up and repurchase the now overpriced Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi. The reason was simple. The last two oils that I used – Forest Essentials Soundarya and The Body Shop Oils of Life – did nothing remarkable for my skin. Also, my skin was not in its best state. 

This Jojoba face serum had lot of work to do. And it did. The oil spreads easily and quickly absorbed. Works even without rose water but I personally prefer using face oils on damp skin – either just cleansed & washed OR after using rose water. My skin was more breathable and looks brighter. My skin is getting back its glow and I can spot it reflecting light as it used to. It has not given me a single acne in this entire month of use. Also, acne marks are fading. 

The oil is very light. If I do not use around 4 drops then I wake up with dry skin around nose. So, when the amount is adjusted, even the oiliest of skin won’t have any concerns and this will surely be something to look forward during sticky humid summer. 

This has the simplest ingredients list for any face oil I have tried till date. And I am highly impressed as well by the choice of ingredients. Everything in it is well known for its goodness for skin. I finally got a face oil that impressed me after quite some time. I still won’t say that it is miraculous but definitely worth every bit of the price. 

Oilcraft Naturals JOJOBA Anti-Aging Serum Review Ingredients

Oilcraft Naturals JOJOBA Anti-Aging Serum Review

Oilcraft Naturals JOJOBA Anti-Aging Serum Review

Overall – Oilcaft Naturals is not a new player in the market. I have tried and loved their face mists (rose and mogra). I know many do not use oil on face and are still afraid of it. Winter is a good time to start compared to summer. Also, this light oil is absorbed completely. No need to be afraid of oily skin or breakouts. Even for those want to jump into the face oil wagon but are rethinking because of the high prices, this oil is a great alternative. Above all, it works - completely worth the price.

Packaging is a concern and I hope they start providing a glass dropper.

Oilcraft Naturals also retails Kumkumadi and it surely is in my wishlist. They also have Anti-Acne Serum and Under Eye Serum which I will be discussing here soon. 


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*Product provided by brand in exchange of my honest review.

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