Oilcraft Naturals Anti-Acne Serum For Active Acne and Post Ance Scars

Feb 26, 2016

Oilcraft Naturals Anti Acne Serum // Combats Active Acne and Post Acne Scars

When oils become of thing, something that is aimed just for acne certainly gets attention. The facial oil from Oilcraft worked from me so, I had hopes high from Oilcraft Anti-Acne Serum. 

Price – Rs 700 for 15ml

Packaging -  Blue glass bottle with metal cap and plastic stopper. Opaque glasses are better to secure the potency of oils.  

Texture – Light natural oil. 

Fragrance – Like tea tree oil

Ingredients - Formulated with powerful essentials oil for Tea Tree & Germanium and extract of lavender, clove, sandalwood, neem and jojoba, they made the right serum that fights acne and scars. I guess the only thing they missed was nutmeg (might not go with the formula but that is another excellent fighter acne and gives great skin).

Efficacy– The moment you apply it, you can feel a slight tingling sensation which is more if you have acne or rashes. As the sensation goes away, you get the cooling feel which without a doubt welcoming and I won’t lie but, it is addicting. But, do not apply too much or repeat often as it might dry out your skin along with the pimples and cause flakes. I got to test it all on my right cheek last week. Actually, I even tried on my forehead and it does lightens acne spots. Truth be told, that is something I never expected to happen in 2 nights.

Also, the best way to use something this potent will be using a Q-tip for targeted action (something the people at TBS suggested when I got their Tea Tree Oil). 

Oilcraft Naturals Anti Acne Serum Review Ingredients Price in India

Oilcraft Naturals Anti Acne Serum Review

Overall – I am happy to see an all-natural product which dries out acne, relieves from rashes and also, lightens scars. Till now, my go to used to be my acne fighters but I am adding this to the list. I yet to try it on bigger ones but how quickly they dried out the smaller ones certainly says a lot.

One similar product in the market is The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (Rs 695 for 10ml). I cannot help but compare these two. But, this has more ingredients that TBS where TBS is just 15% Tea Tree Oil with water, alcohol and several other ingredients to balance it up. I am definitely considering Oilcraft Ant-Acne serum a more powerful, cheaper and better acting dupe of TBS Tea Tree Oil.


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