Herb Infused Hair Oil // Anti-Hairfall

Feb 25, 2016

Herb Infused Mitti Se Anti Hairfall Oil Revitalizing & Relaxing
Herb Infused Mitti Se Anti Hairfall Oil Revitalizing & Relaxing

Back in summer 2008, I went to Kerala. In Kerala, people are aware of Ayurveda and herbs and those are easily available. I highly respect them for that. I was not aware of most of the things back then. But, I do recall that they used to sell some bunch of dried herbs. When I inquired about them to a native friend, she told me that it was for making hair oil. Even at her home, I saw they while oiling the ladies of the house would warm coconut oil with some herbs. I was intrigued but not enough to buy a bunch of dried herbs for myself. 

In the last few years, Ayurveda and herbs have excited me a lot. In fact, this winter, I dried orange peels, neem, basil, turmeric roots and some other herbs to make a body oil with solar infusion method. (Solar Infusion Method – Put your herbs in a glass bottle filled with oil. Keep it under the Sun every day. Slowly, the goodness of the ingredients will seep into the oil. In general, it takes 1-2 weeks for it to take effect.) But, the whole plan is yet to materialize because I am not able to source by favorite almond oil. Maybe I will use the FabIndia one for now (or use sesame oil). I also wanted to make one for hair with amla, etc and one for face (with saffron). But, nothing materialized.

Luckily, the universe knows how lazy I am. So, to make things simpler for me, it introduced me to this Herb-Infused Oil. I found this in my favorite destination for all things natural – Rainbow Organics. This is from a brand – Mitti Se (meaning – from Soil). All the solid herbs floating in this oil are famous for hair care and prescribed in Ayurveda. The base oil is sesame oil and it also contains Indian basil essential oil. 

Solid Herb Infused Sesame Oil Anti Hairfall Oil Revitalizing & Relaxing
Solid Herb Floating in Infused Sesame Oil || Anti Hairfall Oil Revitalizing & Relaxing

What is better? When the oil gets over, you can add your own oil and let re-use the herbs.

Price: Rs 210

I have used it once and I loved it. I won’t be able to do a complete review of this because it opened many DIY doors for me. Right after I finish half of it, I will start adding coconut oil slowly in the mixture (Sesame oil is a warm oil so, good for winter and coconut oil is a cooling oil and perfect for summers). I also going to add fenugreek (methi = anti-dandruff) in this.

Have you ever created your own infused oil? Boiling herbs with oil is also a great thing but don’t that change it? Do share your idea, opinions, and experience in comments.


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