Ananda in the Himalayas DETOXIFYING Body Oil

Feb 11, 2016

Ananda in the Himalayas Detoxifying Body Oil Juniper Grapefruit Cypress Review
Ananda in the Himalayas Detoxifying Body Oil Juniper Grapefruit Cypress Review

As I try not to use lotions and creams any more, any new variety of oil is always welcome in my life. Another recent introduction to my list of body oils is this sunflower oil with wheatgerm oil, juniper, grapefruit and cypress – Ananda in the Himalaya Detoxifying Body Oil.

Before this, I have tried another product from Ananda in the Himalayas which I loved - Aloe and Rose Hydrating Mask. So, without doubt I had great expectation from this.

Price – Rs 1105 for 200ml.

Ingredients – Sunflower Oil (98. 81%), Juniper (0.7%) , Grapefruit (0.4%), Cypress (0.5%), Wheatgerm oil`(0.3%).

Fragrance – I have never used Sunflower oil so, I am not sure if it smells like that or not. Also, it contains essentials oils as well so, the smell might be influenced by that as well. I do not know what name to put on it but, it is smells strong somewhat like peppercorns. This is a nice change from all the floral ones that I have tried. 

My Views – Smooth oil that get absorbed quickly and leaves behind a satin feel. I think everyone who uses body oils might have felt that their cloths start to smells greasy at times but not this. It is kind of dry oil. No greasiness and the oil is completely absorbed. I do prefer using oils to damp skin but it works well even on dry skin. 

Overall – I loved Ananda in the Himalaya Detoxifying Body Oil. The fragrance is different from what I have tried so far and I love it. The texture is dry and absorbs easily. I appreciate that the ingredients list is not only complete but also properly specified. The price is one concern because to think of it is mainly sunflower oil with other essentials oils. 

*Received as part of hamper won in a contest

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