The Body Shop Life is…GOLD Perfume Oil Review

Jan 15, 2016

The Body Shop Life is…GOLD Perfume Oil Review
The Body Shop Life is…GOLD Perfume Oil Review
Owning The Body Shop membership card has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. I generally target to purchase products worth Rs 2000 in one bill to get my stamps. So, at times I end up picking thing that I do not even need and at times I skip buying the whole lot (no matter how wonderful the offers were). For example, last week I skipped buying The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub on 50% off just because I could not find anything else to add to my cart! (read the review of the scrub and you will know why it is a big deal) Anyways, on a similar trip (and I must mentioned that it was a quick one) – I picked The Body Shop Life is…GOLD Perfume Oil 

I always recommend that one should wear a perfume for sometime to check the dry downs and longevity. That golden piece of advice was put up on shelf that day. I was in hurry, I liked the fragrance and as I have used the perfume oil; I assumed that the lasting power will be good. 

Price - Rs 1,095

Packaging – Thick glass bottle with plastic wand attached with screw in cap. No additional stopper. No spillage. Using the TBS Night Jasmine in the same packaging and I keep it in my office bag. But, need to be careful with the wand inside as it might bend and break from base.

Fragrance – Truth be told, The Body Shop specializes in bath and body, not perfumes. The ones from them are generally flat – seeming the same from start to end. Life is Gold is different. A well made perfume with certain complexity. It has nuances of its own. Something nice from the house of Body Shop. It starts with floral – jasmine with some white flowers. Then, you can feel the citrus/mandarin. It then start to dry down to vanilla and some spice. The transformation is swift.

Silage – Low. I guess only the person very next to you might get a slight whiff. 

Longevity – Poor. Dries down rapidly. Does not lasts even an hour properly. 

The Body Shop Life is…GOLD Perfume Oil Review

Overall – While the fragrance of a perfume matter when making a choice, the silage and longevity plays a huge role. While the fragrance is great and well made, it dissatisfy on the other two spheres. The Body Shop Life is Gold is also available in EDP form (Rs 2295). Hope that is better. 

Keep Discovering. 


PS: Should I go back and buy that scrub for 50%?

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