FabIndia Radiance Pack GREEN CLAY Review

Jan 12, 2016

FabIndia Radiance Pack Green Clay Review
FabIndia Radiance Pack Green Clay Review

FabIndia has again proved that good ingredients make good products. I am pleased that I picked the FabIndia Radiance Pack Green Clay. It does more than it claims to do.

Price - Rs 350 for 75gm.

Packaging - Plastic tub with screw in tin cap.

Ingredients - Complete ingredients list is mentioned. As it is a powder one, they require a lot less number of chemicals to preserve its goodness. Also, the ingredients list are quite different from most face packs. Here is the list - Corn Starch, Neem Powder, Milk Powder, Sugar Powder, Sodium Cocoyl Isoethanoate, Hydroxypropyl, Starch Phosphate, River Sand, Turmeric powder, White Sandalwood Powder, Walnut Granules, Sodium Benzoate, Green Clay, Polyquaternium 10, Neem oil

Texture - It is very fine powder. Once mixed with water, the dehydrated neem leaves comes to life and you can spot them easily. You can also spot many other ingredients in the same. It forms a smooth paste that is easy to apply and wash off. 

Efficacy - The best part of FabIndia Radiance Clay is without any doubt is the ingredients. But, I was skeptical that the neem might irritate my skin. Interestingly, there is no irritation or sensation even when I used when my skin was sensitive. 

I use it generally with raw milk or rose water or plain water. I also tried it once with yogurt. Personally, I like it most while using it with raw milk. If you have very dry skin then better use with yogurt (always).

It dries slowly and almost like a mud pack. As the granules get solid which drying, you can scrub a bit with it to get a cleansing effect. When washed off, it gives a clean, supple and glowing skin. My skin even looks good the next day. 

The face pack is effective against acne as well. It reduces redness of pimples from first use (make sure not to scrub over pimples/acne). Also, the size is reduced quite effectively by this. The face mask does not show any overnight magic to reduce them but does works as most good natural treatments do.

FabIndia Radiance Pack Green Clay Review Ingredients

Overall - I enjoyed using FabIndia Radiance Pack, and I loved that it delivered more than it claimed or I expected out of it. The ingredients list is good for a drugstore brand sold at that price. This is the face pack that made me consider to bring FabIndia back to my life. I picked few more items from them and discovered a nice sulphate free & paraben free body wash. I completely recommend this face pack if you are looking for something that cleanses skin, makes it soft and adds glow. The price per use is also less for this.

You might also like the Charcoal face pack from FabIndia. Or you can try the FabIndia Charcoal Scrub (another of my favorite that acts as both scrub and pack. Brightens skin like no body's business.)


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