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Jan 20, 2016

The moment I laid my eyes on this month's bag, I started dreaming about it. I was not concerned about the products and was looking forward to hold this bag in my laps with the dainty print. This makeup print bag is something that every beauty enthusiast deserves. Let's see what comes inside the elegant bag.

Price - Rs 599 for one month subscription.

Vorte Facial Serum (Full Size, Rs 1670 for 12ml) - I love facial oils and serums. Cannot wait to start trying this. But, I have a concern - where is the packaging? manufacturing dates? Best before? And most important - Ingredients list? When I figure those out, this is going straight into my PM skincare routine or the waste bin.

Natural Bath & Body Clay Mask (15g sample, Rs 450 for 100ml) - Kaolin and Fuller's Earth based face mask with zinc oxide, red clay, gramflour, turmeric and many other natural ingredients.

Natural Bath & Body Whipped Cream (15g sample, Rs 275 for 50ml) - A cream with goodness of almond oil, coconut oil and argan oil. Also, contains Vit E and Green Tea extracts. Has the beautiful fragrance of green tea, has a light texture and easily absorbed. I am going to using it like a hand cream.

B:Blunt Spotlight Hair Polish (Rs 250 for 30ml, Rs 550 for 150ml) - A new product but by the description of it, it seems like a spay on hair serum that can boost shine and also protect hair from heat treatments. Looking forward to using this when I style my hair next time.

Laqa & Co Nail Polish Pen - Nookie ( Full Size, Rs 1000) - This is the bonus product. Recently, FabBag started this new offer where you can choose one of the product. As I already had the other products available for choice, I choose this. A nail polish pen sounds so interesting. Isn't it? Unfortunately, it does not work. The polish might have got dried and stuck inside. The bottom is supposed to be pushed down to flow out polish from the pen end. But, the bottom is stuck. I have tried every way possible and failed miserably :(

Overall - The best product of FabBag January is the makeup print bag itself. The Vorte Facial Serum seemed promising but unless I figure all the details about it, I cannot use it. Adding to my poor luck, the awaited nail polish pen also tuned out to be unacceptable. Other products are good but not something that I will force people go and book this bag.

Have you got the box? What do you think?


*Product provided by brand in exchange of my honest review

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