FabIndia PERFUME OIL Roll-On Review // WIld Rose and Ylang Ylang

Dec 4, 2015

FabIndia Perfume Oil Roll On Review // WIld Rose and Ylang Ylang

Perfumes are very important for me. So, I make sure to carry them with me all the time. But, I cannot risk losing or breaking the beautiful glass bottles of designer perfumes. The best bet here are perfume oils. There are not too many options in the Indian market. For a long time The Body Shop Night Jasmine used to travel me all around. In the last few months, it got replaced with FabIndia perfumes oils.

FabIndia retails a variety of perfume oils which comes in 9ml roll on plastic bottles. There are travel friendly and you can even carry them in-flight. These comes in variety of fragrances so, there is something for everybody. I selected Wild Rose and love it too much. Later, I added Ylang Ylang to my vanity. These perfume oils are easy on pocket and retailed for Rs 200 only. You can pick a few without guilt. These specialty of these FabIndia roll on is that the fragrances are gentle and yet lasts long. Apply it on moisturized skin to make it last all day. The other cheaper alternative to these are Itra but the most of them are intense and too strong.

Wild Rose is a delight for those who love floral fragrances. It has the mild and natural fragrance of roses. There is nothing artificial in the fragrance. The closest to its fragrance is Imli Street Wild Rose Soap

Ylang Ylang has a calming fragrance. It comes bit strong in the beginning but then gets lighter.Ylang Ylang is not as long lasting as Wild Rose.

FabIndia Perfume Oil Roll On Review // WIld Rose and Ylang Ylang
FabIndia Perfume Oil Roll On Review // WIld Rose and Ylang Ylang

  • Fragrance is light and lingers for long (5-6 hours) like most perfumes from high end brands 
  • Convenient roll on travel friendly packaging
  • No issues of leaking or breaking
  • Budget product
  • Easily available at FabIndia and online
  • Available in various variants like Musk, Arabian Jasmine, Cypress, Frankincense...
  • Flat linear fragrance. No multiple notes here. Smells the same throughout the time.
Overall - If you looking for a budget perfume that you can carry along, something that is mild and long lasting and does not harm skin then you should try FabIndia Perfume Oils. There are a variety to choose from and the store always have samples. Do not expect multiple notes like designer perfumes but this will make sure that you smell good. These are good value for money because even after using them much I have not finished half of it.


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