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Dec 27, 2015

FabIndia Sulphate Free Shampoo Shower Gel Soap Henna Haul

Last week while randomly roaming around the mall, I went to The Body Shop and Kama Ayurveda to check if there was anything new to try. The Body Shop had nothing new to offer. The winter range has only Glazed Apple and Cranberry. They could not bring the much anticipated Frosted Plum in India because of some registration issues. I personally miss the old Vanilla. I am rationing the use of the Ginger Sparkle that I got previously. In Kama Ayurveda store, I saw an orange colored soap whose fragrance reminded me of something - FabIndia Orange Neroli. I had to visit FabIndia to pick it up. It was my first ever product from FabIndia back in Summer 2010. Back then, I also tried some of their skincare but those didn't work much for me. But, last year, I fall head over heels in love with FabIndia Charcoal Scrub and recently I loved one of their face pack (reviewing soon). So, I thought of trying some new products as well

FabIndia Herbal Shampoo (Sulphate and Paraben Free) (Rs 450 for 250ml)- Adding another fighter to my battle against sulphates. This one is super thick and tough to take out of the bottle. Used it twice and I am happy so far. Let's see how it fairs in the long term. Complete review here.

FabIndia Mandarin Vanilla Shower Gel (Sulphate and Paraben Free) (Rs 395 for 250ml) - Mandarin and oranges are always my favorite. The combination with vanilla just blows my mind away. This one can give Body Shop Christmas specials run for money. Review here.

FabIndia Orange Neroli Soap (Rs 95 for 100g) - I had to pick Orange Neroli because it was the reason I went to store. 

FabIndia Wild Rose Soap (Rs 95 for 100g) - I used FabIndia Wild Rose perfume oil which I loved. It is close to Imli Street Wild Rose soap. This FabIndia soap seemed like a great dupe at less than half the price but this does not have the loofah inside it.

FabIndia Henna (Rs 295 for 190g)- I got it to try it out. I usually used Henna around once to month. I did a post on How to Color Hair with Henna and Indigo. Do read it if you want to cover greys and avoid chemicals.

I also noticed that they have some variants like Bengal Tuberose, Cypress, etc which are only available in travel size. I was tempted to pick them but there were no testers to check the fragrance. Have you tried those? What do you love from FabIndia? Do share as I would love to try what you love.


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