My In-Flight Essentials || Skincare, Makeup, Etc

Nov 6, 2015

My In-Flight Essentials || Skincare, Makeup, Etc
What's Inside my In-Flight Travel Pouch // Skin Care, Makeup, Etc Favorites

Yes, I clicked these pictures during my flight. A blogger is never off duty. LOL. Actually, I wanted to do a post like this because on seeing similar posts online, at times I doubted – “Does anyone actually need so many stuff? Are these even allowed inside flights?” So, here I am with products that I need all the times (or at times) that are allowed inside Indian flights…because you can see them here sitting on my board!

So, here is my 'What's inside my travel bag' blog post -

Sure Anti-Perspirant Roll On, The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream, Forest Essentials Panchpushp Face Toner, Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser Kashmiri Saffron, Fab India Wild Rose Perfume Oil, Avene Sunscreen, Kama Almond & Coconut Lip Balm, Himalaya Baby Wipes, Streetwear Lipstick, Rimmel Eyeliner

Deodorant - I must have a roll on with me. It feels fresh when I apply them. Sure Anti-Perspirant Roll On are alcohol free so, much better and does not darken underarm. Because of pressure issues inside cabin, the ball in the roll-on pops out at times. Be care when you use it in flight.

Lotion - I need them for my dry hands, feet and especially cheeks. Oils are not an options here. I carry a tube of any hand cream or travel samples of body lotion – whichever is easy to fit and have a soothing light fragrance. The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream is a good option as I love the fragrance of TBS Moringa products. Also, this is light and gets absorbed quickly. For my face, I have tried sheet masks as well. They are good way to bring life to skin and kill time up there.

Face Mist – As I was not taking any sheet masks, I made sure to carry a face mist. They are refreshing and moisturizing for skin. I tried Forest Essentials Panchpushp but felt it was bit heavy for in-flight. I will probably stick with rose water. 

Face Wash – At times I wash my face at times to feel fresh and hydrated. Forest Essentials facial cleansers are fragrant and yet delicate for skin. But, I majorly avoid washing face in flight but I do keep face wash for another reason. This acts as a soap and body wash in case of emergency. Many a times, I do not carry separate soap/body wash while traveling and use face wash instead. #Lazy beauty blogger’s confession. 

Mild Perfume – This is something that I need in flight (if I am not feeling good) and also after reaching my destination. My favorite roll-on does not have much fragrance. I carry perfume vials or perfume oils. The perfume oils from Fab India are good. They have range of simple fragrances that are mild but surprisingly long lasting. These are value for money.

Sunscreen – Because you should never ask why one needs sunscreen! I liked Avene sunscreen and I have finished it as well. Will review it soon.

Lip BalmKama Almond & Coconut Lip Balm continues to be my favorite. I just started using another lip balm which stays in my office makeup bag.

Wet Wipes – One of the versatile things that you should always have in your bag. Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes is my current favorite. Another of my favorite is the teal blue ones from Kara.

Makeup - I always travel with no makeup on. But, I like to put something on my face before or after landing I generally stick with basic oranges which look good on my skin tone and brown eyeliner. Here - Streetwear Lipstick and Rimmel Eyeliner. 

Handful products stuffed inside my attention grabbing Forever 21 Watermelon pouch.

Now, let's talk about the Miscellaneous -

Something to read - I love my Kindle but it died few months back. I tried to purchase some magazines but they get over too quick. Hence, last week on my way to my Mom’s home, I got hubby’s kindle with me. 

Comfy Socks – This is a recent discovery. As my feet turn cold easily, I realize that I feel more comfortable when I wear comfy socks. They even help me sleep better because it feels soft and snugly. (Earlier I used to skip sleep to ensure that I sleep in flight. Super. Bad. Habit. Never. To. Be. Repeated.)

Eye mask – It is like a 'do not disturb' note to the cabin lights.

I make it a point not to travel with very expensive, hard to find or limited edition products in case I misplace them.

It is not surprising that I stick with my favorites and tried & tested products while traveling. It is to save myself from any unforeseen skin issues.Whereas my office makeup contains the one that I am presently testing and keeps on updating every now and then. What to see what is inside my current office makeup bag?


PS:I have done another travel bag post earlier.

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