Hair Styling Hacks With A Flat Iron

Nov 12, 2015

Your flat iron can do a lot more than just straighten your strands! Don’t let the simple look of this versatile tool fool you into believing that it has just one function. Read on to learn how to achieve some classic hairstyles using just a hair straightener. 

Sassy With A Touch Of Classy - Crimping

Crimping is one of those timeless hair trends that will take your look go from boring to ‘wow’. To create a cool crimp all you need to do is grab a small section of your hair and braid it tightly. Repeat this procedure until you’ve finished all sections of your hair. Spray a heat resistant solution on it afterwards. Run your flat iron over your hair without removing it from the braids. Repeat this procedure until all your hair braids have been ironed. Now open the braids and use a volumizing hair spray to ensure that your hair remains crimped. 

Blown By The Hues - Chalking

Do you like to colour your hair often? Why not go for a temporary, cheaper, and more versatile alternative to regular dyes- Chalks. This way, you can colour coordinate your hair with your outfit for a more dramatic look anytime you want. This colouring technique is not a great option when you want to dye a major portion of your hair. But, you can dip-dye or use subtle highlights to accentuate your look in an instant. Saturate your strands with bright hues and use your hair straightener to seal in the new colour. For more vibrant colours, streak your hair with a white pastel before chalking it with a colour of your choice. 

Fine Waves For A Dramatic Entrance - Wavy 

Sexy loose curls aren’t just a hair stylist’s magic trick. You can score this style with your flat iron in minutes. All you need to do is wrap an inch of your hair around your iron, backwards and away from your face. Hold the position for a while before gliding the iron down the entire length. Continue this process on the same strand, by holding your hair in front of you and gliding downwards. Repeat this procedure till you finish all the sections of your hair. And voilĂ ! You’ve got picture perfect waves. Here’s a video guiding you to a no heat loose curls.

Some Intense Bounce - Curling

Packing both your curler and flat iron when you’re travelling is unnecessary if you know a couple of tricks. First, spray your hair with a heat protectant and section your hair into small portions. Clamp your flat iron close to your roots vertically and then twist your iron 180 degrees as you glide down towards the ends slowly. Repeat this procedure till you get tight and bouncy curls. If you want softer curls, hold the iron horizontally and glide it downwards quickly. 

Incorporate these fun styles into your look and attract glances wherever you go. Check out exclusive range of hair straighteners at Rediff online store to get started!



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