Makeup Genius by L’Oréal Paris

Oct 26, 2015

When it comes to trying out new makeup, it can be pretty difficult for those with different complexions to figure out what products and styles to try. After all, the beauty industry has only begun to cater to a wider range of skin tones quite recently. While the number of beauty blogs that try to help others figure out the best look have increased – with Euromonitor International even saying that these beauty blogs have helped spur the digital commerce industry – it can still be difficult to imagine yourself wearing the same looks as those beauty bloggers you admire.

Thankfully, the continued development of the mobile industry seems to have brought us the solution through a fun app that isn’t just easy to use, but actually quite informative as well. According to the developers of mobile casino aggregator Free Casino Hunter, growth in mobile internet is one of the strongest trends on the internet landscape to date, and this has resulted in thousands of mobile apps being released, catering to just about every niche. While some “beauty experts” have taken to creating apps that have tutorials – as Kylie Jenner has recently launched her own app with step-by-step tutorials – there is one app that takes the difficulty away from picking products and styles: Makeup Genius by L'Oreal USA.

Whether you follow modern technology or not, chances are that you’ve already heard of augmented reality: technology that alters the way we see the world around us through cameras and special effects. Makeup Genius makes use of augmented reality in a way that helps anyone who wants to understand what makeup looks best on them, by allowing users to select looks from a catalog, and see these looks and products applied to their face in real-time.


The app even lets you scan barcodes and try the product on before you actually buy it – a great feature to have for those who have experienced buying makeup that was the wrong shade, or that just wouldn’t work with anything else in their makeup kit.

 Makeup Genius is available for free on both the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.

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