FabBag October // Get Set to Celebrate

Oct 16, 2015

FabBag October Festive Pink Red Fabric Cloth Pouch With Loop Button
FabBag October Get Set to Celebrate

This month, the FabBag is special for two reasons. One – they asked us to choose which makeup product you need in your bag. So, instead of getting a random BB which does not match my skin color or something that I might already have, I choose what I wanted. Second – the bag is a cloth pouch made of jewel tone fabrics in red and pink. This has to be the best one yet.

Cuccio Colour Nail Polish Shaking My Morocco Swatch
Cuccio Colour Nail Polish Shaking My Morocco Swatch

I choose the Cuccio Colour Nail Polish in Shaking My Morocco, a vibrant tropical orange. While, everyone is posing with their Starbucks spiced pumpkin latte, it is pretty much like summer most of the time of the day. I could not even wait a moment to apply this and posted it on Instagram. It needs 2-3 coats to be completely smooth. 

FabBag October Nyassa Palmer Review

FabBag introduced Palmer’s with a 50ml bottle of their famous Cocoa Butter. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is one other first things I reviewed in Sweet and Bitter Blog. (I also compared it with other Vaseline cocoa butter in that post). Nice to see a sample shaped exactly like the full size. The cocoa butter will receive lot of love in winter because of its soothing chocolaty fragrance. 

Speaking of lovely warm fragrances, FabBag also contains a sample of Nyassa Tiramisu body scrub. A raw brown cane sugar body scrub with cocoa butter has the most awakening coffee fragrance. I have high hopes from this as I always wanted to try a coffee scrub. (Nyassa, you better be great!)

Another skincare product from the house of Spa Ceylon is the White Jasmine Facial Masque. Never tried this brand so, looking forward to it.

Nyassa Tiramisu Raw Brown Cane Sugar + Spa Ceylon White Jasmine Facial Masque

Instead of the usual 5 products, FabBag contains just 4 this month. But, I am happy because each of them are of good size, from reputable brands and usable products. Plus, I choose one of the product myself. All in all, this October FabBag was good. 


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*October FabBag was sent by FabBag in exchange of my honest review

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