Moroccan Oil Treatment (Alcohol-Free) Review || Budget Dupe

Sep 10, 2015

Moroccan Oil Treatment (Alcohol-Free) Review
Moroccan Oil Treatment (Alcohol-Free) Review || Budget Dupe

Moroccan Oil is one lust-worthy brand that everyone wants to try. There are rave reviews about the Moroccan Oil Treatment and there are also some who questions if it is worth the price. Anyways, I always wanted to try it and mainly because of the blue packaging with the orange M. This June, I got to try it their products in a recent event at Head Turners. I came back from the stylists the shampoo and the treatment oil (skipped on conditioner because I do not use conditioners). 

How was the experience? I was happy with the results of the spa. So, started with the shampoo and treatment immediately. My hair felt lot less frizzier. But, after 2 weeks, I started to see hair fall - hair fall at an alarming rate. As my wedding date was nearby, stress was also taking its toll. I played safe and I switched back to my SLS free shampoo (TBS rainforest). I kept the shampoo back at home and got the treatment with me after my wedding. When I started using it here after a week of my wedding, my hair loved it. But, again, within 2 weeks, my hair started to fall. 

Why so much hair fall? I inspected the ingredients. The treatment contains less than 10% Argan Oil. In fact, it contains more fragrance than Argan Oil. The majority is silicons which are the big molecules that help to deliver the active ingredients. In that process, it saves hair from fizz and dryness. So, when used for first time, my hair loved it. As the product started to build up, my hair got covered in them, devoid of nutrients they started to fall. As I do not use SLS shampoo, the product build on. 

Silicons just coats your hair and make it impregnable for other beneficial oils and essential ingredients. Hence, they makes the hair shaft weaker from within as the cuticles do not receive any goodness from the good products. Silicons do save hair from heat and pollution. So, if you use a clarifying shampoo maybe you are good. But, I do not wish to get into the cycle of sulfate shampoo and silicon conditioners.

Now, the question that everyone ask – Is it worth it’s price tag? Moroccan Oil takes pride for the presence of pure grade cold pressed Argan Oil and hence priced high in the market. Unfortunately, it contains less than 10% of that. So, paying Rs 1530 for 50ml hurts. Back in the days, when it was launched, it was a fancy product and Argan Oil was not easily available. But, now many brands sell pure Argan Oil at much cheaper rates. 

What is the closest budget dupe? I will say L'Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum (Rs 255 for 100ml). It is lighter than Moroccan, contains Argan Oil and I loved it. It also contains silicons. Another of my favorite hair serum is Innisfree Camellia Shine Hair Essence

Moroccan Oil Treatment (Alcohol-Free) Ingredients Review


Moroccan Oil Treatment (Alcohol-Free) Review

Moroccan Oil Treatment (Alcohol-Free) Review

Have you tried Moroccan Oil Treatment? Did it worked for you? Any hair serum that you are currently loving? Do let me know.


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