Imli Street WILD ROSE with Loofah Bathing Bar Review

Sep 17, 2015

Imli Street WILD ROSE with Loofah Bathing Bar Review
Imli Street WILD ROSE with Loofah Bathing Bar Review

Soaps have never been my weak point. Bath products are. Shower gel is my drug. But, slowly they are replaced by soaps because of the presence of great handmade soaps and unique soaps in the market. Few days back I got to try the Imli Street Wild Rose with Loofah Bathing Bar, and there is no turning back. You ask what is so great about a bar of soap? Continue Reading. 

Price - Rs 160 for 125g

Even before I opened my package from Imli Street, I could smell the roses. I was sure they send everything with roses. But, then I discovered that only the soap was of wild rose variants. This soap is entirely different from the other rose products that I have tried till date. The closest to this is something from FabIndia. The fragrance of roses captures me and takes to my childhood home with roses blooming almost year round. Apparently, I never loved that smell much back them, but there is something about nostalgia that you cannot beat.

The soap also has a natural loofah embedded inside the soap. While using the soap from one side, you can feel the exfoliation while the other flat side of the soap is smooth. I have never tried a bar of soap like this, and it got me excited. The one similar to this was FabIndia Lemongrass, but the loofah was tiny in that. As I continued using the exfoliating side, more of the fibers got exposed, and it got more and more stronger in exfoliation. Now, as I have used it every day for the past two weeks, I can spot some fibers peeping from the smoother side as well. I have without doubt use longer than needed, (don’t blame me – it smells great and exfoliates – lazy girls happy moment), it does cause dryness, and I top it up with Imli Street Jasmine and Mint Body Oil.

Imli Street WILD ROSE with Loofah Bathing Bar Soap Review

Imli Street WILD ROSE with Loofah Bathing Bar Soap Ingredients Review

Overall -  Imli Street Wild Rose soap has a divine smell of wild roses. They have other exciting ranges which are equally tempting. Their minimalistic rustic packaging is equally beautiful. There is a loofah inside the soap is a boon for lazy girls. It exfoliates perfectly. And it is a budget product (Rs 160). The soap is SLS free but contains SLES. It is bit drying and needs to be followed by a moisturiser. Imli Street products are available only at online shopping websites or can be purchased from Imli Street Instagram page.


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