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Jul 1, 2015

July is here! July is here! It might sound inconsequential to you but in less than a month, I am going to be married. Many things are in place and others in full circus mode. In the end, nothing matters because I am with him for past 8 years. But, I am worried about the guests and all. Also, the fact that I won’t be in Kolkata after that is kind of a bittersweet feeling. So, there are a bunch of people and sales assistant that I am going to miss dearly (I almost went emotional on my last visit to TBS).

The worst thing about the whole affair is that I am not getting time for myself. This Monday, I squeezed out some time for myself and went out for lunch with Swarnali. (That obviously followed with shopping….I am kind of bored of shopping now…things get boring when they are a chore)

I wore a summery floral dress from Limeroad. As it is hot and humid now, I kept it as simple as it is and let go on the accessories. I let the dress speak for itself. The dress comes with a belt of its own. You can buy various dress from There is something similar but the flower print is not exactly the same. The top of the blouse have unstitched pleats so, it does make the top half look bit heavy.

In case you are wondering, I went to CafĂ© Mezzuna. I am borderline addicted to their burgers and drinks. I went there last week as well.

Now, let me shut up and eat those tasty tiny burgers. #NomNom


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