Life Update

Jul 31, 2015

As many of you know (if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook) that I got married on 26 July (last Sunday). Many people are asking if I have changed or anything. Frankly speaking, neither my hubby nor me are feeling as if anything has changed. I just feel that I hosted a big party and then moved to a place in Central India. Every one warned me that I will cry but I didn't. Maybe, the worry about the arrangements and other details consumed me. Moreover, I do not see why I would be sad when I am the one who wished to marry the person with whom I have spent more than 8 years. On top of it, my hubby's Rajasthani family is least bothered about customs so, we customized it as much as we wanted. Making it short, crisp and fun - North-Indian style baraat followed by quick Bengali ceremonies (we actually customized it during the wedding as well!). On the previous day I had my Mehendi followed by Barbecue and cocktails with my closest friends. The reception was on 29th and I am still dog tired because of the stress of arranging everything and moving to a different place (and that 15 kilo lehenga!). Many things are out of order for example I no longer have 24/7 internet facility (working in progress on that). Rest things are great for example I am (after 6 years) living in a place with lot of greenery. I am also (almost) free so, hoping to post more here.

Stay Blessed.


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