June Empties 2015 // Pre-Wedding Skincare

Jul 4, 2015

I am back with another edition of empties post. Though I might not be regular now with my post but I really try to keep up with empties post because I personally like doing them. These posts keep me in track of what I use and what I don't. I have actually checked my own empties post at times to see what I liked most when I feel like repurchasing something *tried to hide face* And I just realized that it has been two years that I started doing them :)

I trying to do something special for skin and hence, using oils and scrubs as and when I get time. Finished two body scrubs this month. Vana Vidhi Rice Scrub with Oriental Rice Paddy which I got in May’s FabBag. I used a rice scrub for the first time and that was really good. Another one is SaND for Soapaholics Namak Halal which is an epsom salt body scrub which is great for the price.

Another thing that I am almost addicted to (I never thought that I will in the first place) is face mists. They are such a relief on sunny days and instantly revives skin. I already finished the rose one and this month Oilcraft Premium Mogra Water got over. Love it but not as much I loved the rose one. I also finished the Divya Gulab Jal which was with me for long. Now, I clearly see why some face mists are priced much more than the others. Quality and purity matters a lot. I thought of repurchasing it but in the last moment splurged on the Forest Essentials one. Oppss. Let’s see how that turn out. 

Then, there is also a pair of body washes. First is Soap & Glory Clean Girls. It was too sweet for my taste. I am glad that it is over. In fact, I had to use it to wash cloths to finish it. LOL. Another is Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus and Sage shower gel and I am kind of sad that it is over. I already finished the hand cream. I will miss the smell. 

About being sad for a product being over, one of my loved perfume, The Body Shop White Must Libertine also got over. I got it long back and in my attempt in making it last longer, it even passed it use before date. I used it on cloths instead of skin to be safe.

I finished Vichy Normaderm Purifying Pore Tightening Lotion and started using the La Roche Posay Effaclar Astringent Lotion that I got from Delhi

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock got over. I loved it and actually have purchased it back to back earlier. This time, I didn’t. Using a different one currently from Avene.

Two of my HG products - The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo and Sure Roll On. Repurchased Sure (will I ever discover anything better?) but not the shampoo because I am using Moroccon Oil Shampoo.

I had such high hopes for what I will do before my wedding date but unfortunately I am not doing anything. Organizing things is a hard job...a real hard job. 

Have you tried anything from this list? Anything that you love or hate? Comment and let us know...


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