Summer Skincare & Beauty Empties || March, April and May 2015

Jun 2, 2015

I am doing empties post after three months. The three months when Indian Summer is at its peak - March, April and May. So, this products majorly contains what I used most during summer to save my skin and hair from Sun's torture rays.

Lotus Safe Sun Matte Look SPF 40 - This used be my holy grail. But for some time now, I am more in love with Neutrogena sunscreens. I also used another brand (Aveene) recently and I will update about it soon. I found this in some bag (I try to keep one sunscreen in every bag that I generally use) and used it up, Sunscreens should be used as quickly as possible as they start to lose their efficiency after days of manufacture. When you are out for shopping, pick the sunscreen which are recently manufactured. 

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover - I always use these big bottle from Sally Hansen. It comes cheaper that way. Could not get this so, repurchased a Colorbar one. I have a feeling that all nail polish removers are almost the same. So, try getting the ones which comes as cheap as possible :)

Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Day Lotion (Review- Love this! Even after much rationing its use, this got over. I repurchased this in my Sephora haul.

The Body Shop Apple Blossom - The fresh apple smell is really nice for summer. Plus, the small bottle made it easier to carry. This was part of limited edition The Body Shop Apple Blossom collection so, cannot repurchase. Practically, I should not repurchase any perfume because I have too many now. Do not know how I will move all this with me.

Just Herbs Petalsoft Rose Face Pack (Review- This face pack really helps in removing tanning. Also, the rose fragrance is soothing and very relaxing. 

Just Herbs Silkplash Face Wash (Review) - I love this face wash and recommended this to everyone with troubled skin. They introduced this new packaging with pump but I found that everyone's pump stopped working/broke. They really need to work on that. Also, it is better to keep just a tiny amount in your bathroom shelves instead of the full bottle otherwise the face wash starts to smell bad.

Oilcraft Naturals Premium Rose Water (Review- I never realized the craze earlier but face mists is something that I am addicted now this summer. Oilcraft face mists are a cheaper alternative to Kama Ayurveda rose water. I am currently using their Morga one which is about to get over.

Meghdoot Herbal Sat Shampoo - My hair was having the worst time because of sweat and I finally end up using the reserved stock of Meghdoot. Why this gem of a shampoo not easily available?

American Garden Apple Cider Natural Vinegar -  I do not use conditioners in general and prefer apple cider vinegar. It gives a cleaner feel to scalp. Have you tried apple cider for hair? Any brand which you prefer?

Kama Ayurverda Rose Water (Review) - I like this but I moved to Oilcraft ones. I really wish to try Forest Essentials rose water as I have heard a lot about it.

Kama Ayurveda Intensive Hair Treatment Bringadi Oil - This oil helps in darkening of hair (which is personally not what I want). I am trying other bringadi to see if the others have the same effect. But, because of this humidity, I am trying pure oils these days.

Down to Earth Organic Coconut Oil - Because of sweating and humidity, I have to wash my hair almost every day at times. To save my hair, I tried oiling as much as I could. This one lasted for a long time. Got the tin tub of organic coconut oil from Spencers. It is good, pure and cheap.

I am trying to down size what I have and trust me it is tough. Will be throwing away every empty bottle other than the TBS perfume. Is it weird to keep perfume bottle? I believe it is a way to keep the perfume with me in case I found something similar in future. What are your thoughts on that?


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