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Jun 7, 2015

Weekends are yours. 

A time off to refresh and recharge yourself for the week ahead. 

My usual weekends these days means shopping. So, truth be told, shopping has started to seem more like a chore these days. I avoid going to movies unless there is something that I MUST watch. Hence, I was left with the option of lazying around in my home and binge on TV shows. But, I wanted to do something nice and special that will benefit me and my body. Hence, I decided to visit a spa.

Thai Refresh Spa have three branches in Kolkata and I visited the one that was closest to my home at Ballygunge. The spa is well equipped with four oil room (two of them have Jacuzzi and one of them is a couple room if you wish to visit with special someone), two dry massage massage rooms and foot massage area for two. All the rooms (and the entire establishment) have dimmable lights ensuring privacy to the clients. Hygiene is perfectly maintained and the rooms, washrooms and shower areas are clean. 

The spa provides a range of services and I opted for two. I was seated at the ground floor where is reception desk is present. I was provided a welcome drink after which I was guided upstairs to the first floor where all the massage rooms are situated.

Thai Refresh Spa, Foot Massage, Ballygunge, Kolkata

Service 1- Foot Reflexology (60 mins)

I bruise like a peach so, opted for medium pressure massage stroke. I was seated on a comfortable reclining chair with my legs relaxed on the leg rest. My masseuse was Akum and she took care of my comfort during the entire session. The pressure points were massaged and taken care which benefits internal organs. She used oil and foot massage cream. It was really relaxing and I have already made a list of people whom I will personally suggest this service.

Thai Refresh Spa, Full Body Oil Massage Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Balinese Massage Kolkata

Service 2 - Full Body Oil Massage (60 mins) (Choice of Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Balinese Massage)

As I didn't opted for the Jacuzzi, I went to the oil rooms with shower cabinet. As they take care of hygiene, I was provided disposable undergarments. I dimmed the lights completely before changing. My masseuse Pew was a jolly person who pampered me. The dimmed lights helped a lot to ease my mind. As the light and soothing melodies changed from one to another, I lost myself in the beautiful medium pressure strokes of Swedish massage. After the session was over, she asked me to take shower. She had already wiped the extra oil and I was not even feeling sticky. I didn't took a long bath. The shower cabinet had shampoo and shower gel. There is a dressing area as well beside the shower cabinet. I felt completely relaxed and re-energized after the session.

Being pampered at a spa is far better than shopping at mall or going to moves or binge watching TV shows. Spa treatments not only benefits your skin and health but also relaxes of mind making to stronger against future stress. Finally, after a long time, I am actively interested again in my wedding preparations.

The charges of two hours in heaven is Rs 1350 + 4494 = Rs 5844

Do not have to pay full. You only have to Rs 599 + 1699 i.e 2298. You can get this more than 50% off by opting deals from

I wholeheartedly recommend Thai Refresh Spa. Privacy is taken care of, hygiene is maintained and quality of service is perfect. Many people have their doubts when it comes to full body massage so, I will suggest that you opt for foot massage. Once you enter the spa, you will realize that the privacy is really their priority. Once the inhibitions are gone, you can confidently book your appointment.

If you wish to visit another spa then you can check deals before you pay the full amount. Also, you can choose another way to pamper yourself - maybe a haircut and blow-dry or a manicure-pedicure? Whatever floats your boat...

Go ahead and pamper yourself.


*I was requested by Groupon to review their lifestyle deals. I opted the service and location myself. Earlier I choose a spa session at a reputed parlor. They were neither prepared or had the infrastructure of a spa. I didn't opted the service and when I informed Groupon about it, they removed all the listings of the place. This shows show committed they are to provide the best and seamless service to their customer. So, do not worry and get your deal vouchers :)

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