Moroccan Oil Spa at Head Turners, Kolkata

Jun 30, 2015

Moroccan Oil Spa at Head Turners, Kolkata
Moroccan Oil needs no introduction. They got so famous because of their Argan Oil infused products that other brands had to introduce products with Argan Oil. But, availability is an issue. I tried searching for their products couple of years back but could not spot them. Last week, I got the change the try their products and enjoy a hair spa at Head Turners, Gurusaday Road, Kolkata. My hair seriously needed some TLC.

First step – Washed my hair with Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo to remove all oil and pollution. That clean feeling of shampoos hair – Bliss.

After them Bobby assisted me. He took just a tablespoon of Moroccan Oil Intense Hydration Mask with 4 drops of Moroccan Oil Treatment. As the intense hydration mask is very thick and spreads when used with water, you do not need to use much hence, a tablespoon for my hair was enough. He applied the mix on my semi-wet hair sections and added water along the way to make it spread. Best part - no steam is required because it contains nano molecules are seeped into your hair easily. Also, the argan oil is produced by cold compress method so, you do not wish to damage them with steam and heat. As no steaming is required, you can even try this at home.

The mask was left on for around half hour and rinsed with water. No shampoo needed for this step. After that, blow dry with Moroccan Oil Head Styling Protection, Curl Defining Cream for defining the curls on the end and Moroccan Oil Fizz Control to top it all. My hair felt smooth and perfect for 3 days strong even in this humid monsoon season. I had to shampoo after that. 

All set and done. Happy hair :)

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Moroccan Oil Hydration Shampoo and Treatment Oil
Moroccan Oil Hydration Shampoo and Treatment Oil

I am have also started using Moroccan Oil Hydration Shampoo and Treatment Oil from last week. I will update you about the same. But, the two things that I also loved was the mask and the fizz control. The fact that one does not need to steam while using the mask is really great and hardly for people who does not have much time to pamper their hair. Also, the fizz control helped me manage my hair for 3 days which is almost a miracle in this rainy season.


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