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May 28, 2015

 SAnd for Soapaholics Make Merry SLS Free Solid Shampoo Review

While travelling, have your shampoo ever spilled on your cloths?

A little bit squeezed out and destroyed that cute top that you planned to wear on the beach? 

I always worry about these things while travelling. Hence, I carry liquids (shower gels, shampoos, etc) in tiny bottles. But, it can be tiring at times. While there are trial sizes for shower gels and bath products, there are hardly any for shampoos. There are shampoo sachets in market but none for SLS free shampoos. Then, I discovered this SLS free solid shampoo – SAnd for Soapaholics Make Merry.

I am not travelling without this anymore!

SAnd for Soapaholics Make Merry SLS Free Solid Shampoo Review

SAnd for Soapaholics Make Merry is a dream come true for anyone who needs to travel a lot. You can carry the whole thing with you. Because of the ridges along the side of the soap and its triangle shape, it can stand on its own on shelves so, quick dry time. The soap is quite tough, does not crumble or melts. 

Make Merry cleans perfectly – scalp plus hair without leaving behind any dirt or making hair dry. Also, the light fragrance of rosemary, lemongrass and eucalyptus makes it soothing to use – something that you really need to calm your nerves while travelling.

SLS Free Solid Shampoo Bar in India

Travel Hack - Carry solid shampoo bar and avoid accidents that happen with liquid shampoo

Solid SLS Free Shampoo Bar in India - SAnd for Soapaholics Make Merry

Price - Rs 480 for 60g

  • SLS free solid shampoo
  • Perfect for travelling
  • Cleans scalp and hair perfectly without making them dry ( I skip conditioners)
  • Soothing smell to evoke your senses
  • Quick dry time so you can pack it back within minutes
  • Lasts for long as it does not crumbles or melt

  • Available on though SAnd for Soapaholics website or stand alone counters

Overall – I love this. I used this during my recent short trips to family member’s home (which I have to make a quite a few these days). 

Make Merry lathers well and my hair feels soft and clean after using it. (Trust me, after you travel long distance and your hair is all messy and greasy, shampooed clean and fresh smelling hair is almost as soothing as the spa you cannot visit!) 

I am almost half though the bar and it still smells as new (I always put it back in the plastic cover). It is SLS free but not sulphate free. It contains sodium cocoyl isethionate which is a very gentle coconut oil derivative cleanser but still I am not going to use it as my regular shampoo. 

For travelling, I see no other alternative to this. If you travel a lot then you must get this. Plus, I do not even need to carry any conditioners! Double benefits :)


*Product sent by brand in exchange of my honest review

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