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Apr 16, 2015

Here are things that I really don't like
  • Getting random products in beauty boxes which are of no use
  • Brands not providing samples even when I am ready to pay for the samples

Just Herbs, the brands whose face wash (Silkplash) is what I swear by, solved the problem. They introduced a Miniature Travel Gift Box in which they send you a box filled with 6 samples of various skincare products. 

The Nature Co's also does something like this. You can check the Nature's Co Beauty Box. But, the products send by them are based on a questionnaire. If you have a particular product in mind (that you seriously wish to try) then it might take some time before it makes its way into your box.

Luckily, in Just Herbs Gift Box, you can choose the products. All products are the ones which you decide to be part of the box! Can it get any better and simpler?

Let's have a look at what I got and the other options available.

Just Herbs Miniature Travel Gift Box

Just Herbs Miniature Travel Gift Box - 6 samples products from Just Herbs which lasts for 3-4 weeks. The products are packed in a classic white box.

Price - Rs 625 (Box price Rs 595 + Shipping Rs 50)

Just Herbs Silkplash Review

Cleanser - Just Herbs Silkplash. I can write songs about this. I really like this face wash. Good that now I have a travel size of this one. This face wash is 98.2% natural and part of my skincare routine for a long time now. You can read the entire review here - Just Herbs Silkplash.

The other options are - 
  • Aglow Neem-Chandan Skin Purifying Face Cleanser (powder form, 100% natural, Not suitable for those with active acne or extremely sensitive skin)
  • Deep Cleansing Lotion(cream formula)

But, I will suggest that you got with Silkplash. It is also one the most recommended product of 2014

Apricot Sparkle Invigorating Skin Radiance Scrub Review

To Exfoliate - Apricot Sparkle Invigorating Skin Radiance Scrub - It is a cream based scrub with medium coarse granules in a thick creamy based. This will be great for dry skin. This is not suitable for oily acne prone skin as the cream base does not wash off properly. I have to rinse a lot or use a little bit of silkplash after use.

Another option is - Lively Clean. I got a sample of this earlier in a previous Just Herbs Haul. It is a foaming cleanser with exfoliating granules. It will work better for oily acne prone skin.

Just Herbs Herbal Nourishing Massage Cream

Toning/Massage Cream - Herbal Nourishing Massage Cream. Massage creams is something I have never used in my life. I do not go to parlors for facials so, I have no idea how to use it. Can you help me with this?

Other options under this category are -
  • Aloe Vera Facial Massage Gel - You can choose this as it will be multi-purpose
  • Fagel Instant Glow All Purpose Beauty Gel
  • Honey Dew Protective Almond Body Lotion
  • Fruity Firmskin Skin Radiance Cream
  • Faciaall Instant-Glow All Purpose Beauty Cream

Just Herbs Fairever Milky White Protective Fairness Pack

Mud Mask - Fairever Milky White Protective Fairness Pack. This is a very relaxing face pack which contains milk proteins, honey, cucumber and mulethi. It helps to calm down my skin after a long tiring day. I have used it thrice and still left with half of it.

Other options are
  • Petalsoft Antitan Rose Face Pack - I have used this face pack and absolutely love this one. You can read the review here
  • Instaglow Almond Complexion Pack(Contains certified organic cold-pressed almond oil, Neem, Aloe Vera juice and Vegetable glycerine)
  • Sanface Skin Tightening Sandal Glow Pack (Contains certified organic fenugreek, Aloe Vera juice and vegetable glycerine)

Sun’nil Jojoba-Grapeseed Moisturising Sun Protection Lotion

Sunscreen/Moisturiser - Sun’nil Jojoba-Grapeseed Moisturising Sun Protection Lotion. This contains certified organic Aloe Vera and certified organic cold-pressed Sunflower Seed oil. I am yet to start using this because I already using another sunscreen now. But, I have heard good words about it.

Other options are
  • Cascade Moisturising Day Care Lotion
  • Honey Dew Protective Almond Body Lotion
  • NoSun Jojoba-Wheatgerm Moisturising Sun Protection Gel
I will personally suggest to buy a sunscreen instead of a body lotion. Also, you can try NoSun as it contains Zinc Oxide (helps to reduce inflammations and sun burns).

Just Herbs Af’fair Fumittory-Liquorice Skin Lightening Night Cream
Night Treatment Product - Af’fair Fumittory-Liquorice Skin Lightening Night Cream. It is a light and easy to absorb cream. I am testing a new kumkumadi oil so, I have not used this much. Another option is Fair’e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel. It is a refreshing gel and suitable for people who wish to avoid creams.

All the Just Herbs sample products come in a classic white box. The white box looks great for gifts as well. So, you can either buy it to try Just Herbs products for your own or your can even gift this to someone.

You can get your box from their website - JustHerbs.in


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*Sample sent by JustHerbs in exchange of my honest review

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  1. I believe natural Ayurveda products than the artificial things so, as i came to know that just herbs silkplash consists of 98.2% so i am just so much excited to use it . I will definitely try

    Zealous Health


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