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Apr 21, 2015

Even someone who is a pro in online shopping, is scared of one thing - What if the thing I order does not fit me or suit me? If it is shoes or dresses then you can exchange it. For makeup you can check reviews and swatches online before you buy. 

But, what about fragrance? Every one has a different taste. On top of that each fragrance reacts and smells bit different on every one. 

Then, how can one order perfumes online? We have a solution...

Luckily, when All Good Scents started their online venture of perfumes (EDTs and EDPs) for him and her, they also introduced SCENTBOX. It is a service by All Good Scents by which you receive 3 trial size perfumes. You can wear them and check how the perfumes work for you before you commit to the full bottle. the choose the perfumes you wish to try.

On their website, they clearly mention the top, heart and bottom notes of the perfume. So, you can try it out based on the smells that you usually like.

Price - Rs 165 for 3 trial perfumes.

Perfumes in my Scentbox
  • Flirty EDT
  • Evoke EDP
  • Love & Joy EDP

Overall - All Good Scents retails a variety of perfumes for him and her online on their website. Scentbox is a great way to try before you comment. These trial ones are easy to carry and you can keep them in your purse. I loved the idea that the customer gets to choose before buying. I really appreciate it when companies give you the freedom of choice. This is great initiative by a perfume company and I wish more people follow this trend. 

You can buy your customized box here - All Good Scents Scentbox


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*Box sent by All Good Scents in exchange of my honest views

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