L'Oréal Paris CONFETTIS Color Riche Le Vernis Top Coat // Black White Polka Dot Nail Polish

Mar 18, 2015

L'Oréal Paris CONFETTIS Color Riche Le Vernis Top Coat // Black White Polka Dot Nail Polish

If you are a regular reader of Sweet and Bitter Blog (thank you XO) then, you might be already aware how much I craved for L’Oreal Confettis. For months and months, I wished of this. Maybelline launched the dupe of L’Oreal Confetti – Maybelline Polka Dot Chalk Dust. May other brands followed the trends and named this anything from speckled eggs to what not! I craved for each one of them but none of these were launched in India.

Last month, I discovered Colorbar Masquerade and within days I found that L’Oreal launched new tops. How could I not pick Confetti from them?

I have craved for it too long. But, do I love it?...ummm...NO!

L'Oréal Paris CONFETTIS Color Riche Le Vernis Top Coat // Black White Polka Dot Nail Polish

L’Oreal Confettis is a mix of small and medium black and white hexes in a clear base with silver shimmer. The packing is like all other L’Oreal Le Vernis.

It works with all colors but looks better over nail polish which has more white pigments (example pastel colors). I tried it many colors like but ended up trying Revlon Peachy today morning. By the time I was painting my middle finger, I got bored and decided to try Maybelline Starry Nights for ring finger. LOL. I topped it with Rimmel top coat. 

L'Oreal Confettis + Revlon Peachy + Maybelline Starry Nights

Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Starry Nights

I liked how L'Oreal Confettis looks with Maybelline Starry Nights. The glitter nail paints and polka dots on top create a beautiful depth to the look. 

Layer on layer on layer - this it Christopher Nolan of top coats! 

Maybelline Starry Nights + L'Oreal Confettis
L'Oréal Paris CONFETTIS Color Riche Le Vernis Top Coat in India
L'Oréal Paris CONFETTIS Color Riche Le Vernis Top Coat Review
L'Oréal Paris CONFETTIS Color Riche Le Vernis Top Coat Swatch, Review, Price in India

Back in October, I found these nail paint from a local store in Chandigarh which seemed like the perfect dupe of L’Oreal Confetti/Maybelline Polka Dot Chalk Dust. But, I was not 100% pleased with it because the base was like gel and it was tough to fish out the hexes properly. So, when I got L’Oreal, I was confident that the base will be good quality.

Unfortunately, it is bad very bad. I tried this top coat on many colors but it never looked good because the base is streaky and too thick. It was destroying even the base color. Also, as the base is not smooth (and hardly present), too many hexes would come out. The length of the brush is inadequate making it impossible to fish hexes from the base.

Plus, the staying power is bad. I could see fading in days and chips from the 2nd day! And I do not even do much work. The surface is not smooth. You can feel the hexes on when your nails – disaster!

I could not take it any longer than a week and decided to add some of Rimmel Top coat. Now, this is okay to work with. But, even now, I need to wear a top coat. Too much work for a top coat! (And let’s not forget, these top coats are supposed to be lazy girl’s friend – apply fancy top coats when not in mood for nail art – LIAR!)

Did a get a bad product? Maybe. As far as I can recall, there was just one more of this at the store. Even in that I could hardly see the hexes moving when I rolled it. So, when you buy it, check if there is enough fluidity in the texture.

Price – Rs 299 for 5ml. There are other variants as well.

Overall – If you want polka dots/confetti nails then this is the only option. You can make one for yourself but these hexes are not available in India. You need to buy these from China/Korea websites and the final price will come to the same! Buy L’Oreal Confetti and a good quality top coat (I trust Rimmel top coats).

Or just go with Colorbar Masquerade. The base coat is beyond compare, stays long and has multiple color hexes. Check Colorbar Masquerade review.

Sorry, but, I am not impressed.


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