NEW L'Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis TOP COATS // Confetiis in India

Feb 25, 2015

NEW L'Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis in India
916 Confettis, 918 Coco Tweed, 919 Grace Tweed, 917 Jackie Tweed, 920 Gold Leaf, 922 Disco Ball, 915 Matte 

Introducing - More top coats!!!

Someone might be saying - "Ohh...stop this girl! These are just polishes with things in them."

But, I cannot! My birthday month has seriously got special!

After 2 years...TWO YEARS (it is a huge time in terms of makeup and cosmetics where things change every season!)...L'Oreal introduced their special top coats (from 2013!) in India. But, these are still very cool. I still love them as I did when I first saw them. My longest relationship  with any nail polish...that too long distance! :D

Continue reading for all details...

 L'Oreal launched 7 top coats in India. (I have started to believe that someone in L'Oreal is strict follower of numerology and have been told that 7 is their luckiest number. Even the last major launch - L'Oreal Pure Reds - we saw 7 lipsticks! But, that might be just my happy imaginative brain over thinking.) 

NEW L'Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis in India 
  • L'Oreal 916 Confettis - Black and White confetti. The one I am obsessed about. I got into the confetti/specked egg/polka dot craze because of this. You can see swatches of similar ones here - Polka Nail Art & Colorbar Masquerade
  • L'Oreal 919 Grace Tweed - A version of Tweed nail polish with blue
  • L'Oreal 917 Jackie Tweed - Another version of tweed
  • L'Oreal 920 Gold Leaf - Chunky gold leaves floating in base of transparent top coat. I wanted this 2 years ago. But, my love for them got over after I got Revlon Cosmic
  • L'Oreal 922 Disco Ball - Holographic Silver

L'Oreal have not launched Gold Carat and Silver Carat. They also skipped the ones launched in 2014 - 928 Oulala Blue (confetti with blue and yellow hexes), 929 Graffiti D'amour (confetti with pink and red). To keep the number 7? #ConspiracyTheory

Price - Rs 299 for 5ml. So, they are giving one third of Colorbar at more than half (i.e.three-fifth) the price. Costlier than Colorbar but who is going to use that much. This is anyways a better deal. But, there is not a single dupe among Colorbar and L'Oreal! 

Guess how many I got? ONE. And I am sure you have correctly guessed which one because you know very well *wink*


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