3 NEW Maybelline Colossal Khol Swatches (Jewelled Jade, Crushed Emerald, Smoked Silver)

Feb 22, 2015

Last year, Maybelline extended its Colossal Kohl range by adding turquoise to the range. Recently, they added 3 more shades to the same - Jewelled Jade, Crushed Emerald, Smoked Silver

I had no idea about these and found them at Shoppers Stop today. I swatched them all three here (along with turquoise to compare) and got just one.

Price - Rs 249 for 0.35 gm

Maybelline Colossal Khol Swatches  - Crushed Emerald, Jewelled Jade, Smoked Silver, Turquoise

Crushed Emerald and Jewelled Jade are matte and dark (I would have preferred Crushed Emerald and Jewelled Jade for winters). I put the Turquoise here just to compare the new shades. You can see how lively it is compared to the new shades. Smoked Silver on the other hand has beautiful shimmer.

I felt that the new shades are not as smooth as the black or turquoise ones. But, that can because the testers were dry or something. 

I got the Smoked Silver because I could not say no to that beautiful shimmer. I will let you know of they have maintained the formula.

BTW, the carton packing is not there anymore! They just gave me the pencil - no seal, no packing, no box! 

Have you found them or use them? 


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