10 Colorbar I-Glide Eyeliner Swatches // Best Budget Colored Eye Liner

Feb 28, 2015

10 Colorbar I-Glide Eyeliner Swatches // Best Budget Colored Eye Liner

Here is a confession - I have never repurchased the same colored makeup product twice - lipsticks, eyeliners (other than black one), eyeshadow. There is always so many to try in the market that I end up with something new. But, when my Colorbar Jaded got over, I had to re-purchase it. 

Formula & Stay - I love the formula, color and stay of Colorbar I-Glide. They are very smooth and stays for a long time. They have wide range for colors with different finishes which suits Indian skin-tone. Every girl who have used Colorbar I-Glide at least once have raved about them. 

Price - At Rs 499 they are not the cheapest one in the market but because they are highly pigmented, just one swipe is all you need and hence, they lasts long. Also, each pencil is 1.1 gram whereas the Maybelline Colossal eyeliners are 0.35 g (for Rs 249). For price vs quantity, Colorbar I-Glide is cheap. 

So, did I re-purchased Jaded? NO! I will...later. 

For now, I picked 2 other colors - Electra and Emerald Charm. I have been looking for something similar for long and I never saw them before at the store. Just to make sure that no one misses any color, I swatched the 10 colored eye liners for you (skipped black and brown). I hope this helps you for your online shopping as well in case you do not have Colorbar store nearby.

If you like brighter/pearl finish/metallic/shimmery smooth eyeliners, then you must check it out.

I am showing the colors in cool store lights and warm sunlight because the shimmery shades looks different based on the warmth of the lights.

Colorbar I-Glide Eyeliner Swatches - Peacock Green, Prunella, Flirty Turquoise, Amethyst Spark, Glowing Sapphire, Electra, Emerald Charm, Jaded, Golden Glam, Coal Mine
Top - Warm Sunlight
Bottom - Cold Store Lighting
  • Peacock Green - 98% match of Maybelline Turquoise
  • Prunella - Pearl finish deepened purple
  • Flirty Turquoise - Pearl finish deepened turquoise.
  • Amethyst Spark - Purple with pink and purple shimmer. I had this but lost it during transit. There is no other purple liner as beautiful as this. But, make sure you know how to make it work otherwise it can get too blingy.  
  • Glowing Sapphire - Sapphire blue with blue shimmer
  • Electra - Cobalt Ink blue. 
  • Emerald Charm - Green with gold shimmer. (I wore it on my lower lid. The makeup assistants of other makeup brands complimented it and wanted the same!)
  • Jaded - Pearl finish jaded green.
  • Golden Glam - Metallic gold
  • Coalmine - Black with silver shimmer

Colorbar I-Glide Eyeliner Swatches under Sunlight - Peacock Green, Prunella, Flirty Torquoise, Amethyst Spark, Glowing Sapphire, Electra, Emerald Charm, Jaded, Golden Glam, Coal Mine

Colorbar I-Glide Eyeliner Swatches in Cool Store Lighting - Peacock Green, Prunella, Flirty Turquoise, Amenthyst Spark, Glowing Sapphire, Electra, Emerald Charm, Jaded, Golden Glam, Coal Mine

They also have 2 more colors for everyday use - Blackout (deep jet black) and Cocobar (Chocolate Brown). 

Have you used these Colorbar eyeliners before? Which one is your favorite? Want to add another from the swatches above?

Let me know which is your favorite color eyeliner range/colors. I will love to try that :) 


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