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Jan 31, 2015

Unless you face any problem in life, you can never know how dreadful it can be.  When you face it, you have to find a way out. This is how I found my ways to remain pimple free for life.

If I had found a post like this, three years back, I would have laughed. I never had any issues with pimples. NEVER. Maybe one or two at times but, nothing to worry about (And forget about pimples marks. No pimples = No marks!). 

Life changed when I changed my city three years back - new city, more pollution, more humidity, hectic lifestyle, no exercise, oily food and tons of other bad habit. Obviously, I was not as healthy as I was before. And how do I realized it? My skin was dull and full of pimples. 

I do not want to explain how tough life gets when you face pimple issues because unless you face it, you cannot understand. The problem is even more these days because some or other friend might take a picture and tag you in social media channels! And the images stay forever...and ever.

As I have never faced any pimple issue in my life, it was a tough long journey to the pimple free life (almost) that I live now. It was a tough journey because something worked and something didn't; and what worked left my skin more dull, tired and lifeless.

So, here is what I do to keep my life pimple free and marks free -

1. Water, Sleep and Clean Eating - The reason for this is simple. You skin is the mirror of your health. If your body is not working properly, how can you have a healthy skin? 

Sadly, this is one thing that I always preach but fail to practice most time. Sadly, this is one of major reasons why I still get one or two pimples on my face. 

For example, around Christmas and New Year, my diet was only oily junk food, I was sleeping at odd times and water was replaced by other beverages. So, within a week, I started seeing tiny pimples on my forehead. So, I started taking care again. Most of them are gone but a huge one is still there! It is tough to be disciplined in this wedding season when there is so much to eat in Indian weddings.

2. Be Close to Nature - Not all of us are lucky to live close to nature and breathe fresh air. What we can do is incorporate more natural products in life. This helps to make sure that there is less amount of toxin in your body. Most skin care products that I use have natural ingredients. I talked about lot of them in my blog every now and then. 

Also, just because a skincare is natural, does not mean that it is expensive. I discovered a great product free of cost! I received it as gift with purchase. Remember the Neem face wash that I raved around 6 months back? It is a cheap and effective face wash by Garnier which cleans face without drying, contains Neem (solution to almost every skin problem) and priced really low (Rs 55 for 50ml). You can read about it here - Garnier PureActive Neem Face Wash

3. Do Not Torture the Pimple - Just because the pimple is giving you hard time, causing irritation, messing with your confidence level and making you hide almost everyone does not mean that you should torture it. Messing with the pimple, bursting it or touching it all the time is a sure shot way to get marks. You don't want any marks? Leave it as it is.

A pimple on your face is a reflection of  some kind of issue so, let it go away on its own. Listen to your body and make the changes that are needed (discussed in point 1) and use nature infused skincare (as discussed in point 2).

I hope this post helps you and guides to the path of a no pimple and no marks life. Do share your experiences and let me know what you swear by to keep safe distance from pimples.



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