L’Oréal Paris COLOR RICHE Collection Star PURE GARNET Swatch and Review (MAC DUPE?)

Jan 12, 2015

L’Oréal Paris COLOR RICHE Collection Star PURE GARNET Swatch and Review (MAC DUPE?)

L’Oréal Paris launched 7 new Color Riche Pure Reds for the collection star. 7 ionic L’Oréal Paris ambassadors choose their exquisite matte shades. The collection contains a mix of red toned colors - red, pinks, plums, wine, orange etc. Choosing international star is a great way to make sure that girls of every color and tones get their special color. The one I am wearing here is chosen by Sonam Kapoor - Pure Garnet

Also, this red is a close dupe of a limited edition MAC lipstick. Read more to know...

L’Oréal Paris COLOR RICHE Pure Reds Collection Star PURE GARNET Review

Packaging - Encased in a black tube, each lipstick has the autograph of the L’Oréal Paris ambassadors who choose the shade. There is also a colored button on the bottom side which is close to the color of the lipstick. Hence, finding them in your big stock of lipsticks is easy. 

Color - Pure Garnet is red wine color. Duskier girls cannot miss on this. L’Oréal Pure Garnet looks more brown in the tube.

Pigmentation - Intensely pigmented. A single swipe is enough. I am wearing two coats for a richer color. Pigmented lips will have no issues.

Texture - Light weight. Matte. In fact, bit drying for winter. I wore two layers of the color without any lip balms underneath and my lip were looking very dry in some of the macro lip shots. It feels bit uncomfortable after an hour. It feels okay when I wore a single coat but, feels drying after 4-5 hours. 

Stay -Since it matte, dark and pigmented, the stay is very long. It survives light meal. Though the color stays for more than 4-5 hours, my lips felt very uncomfortable and I had to apply lip balms which in turn reduces the staying power.

Smell - A very faint smell. Almost ignorable.

Bullet Shape - The shape of the bullet is quite different and might take some time to excel. I was not very confident with the outline that I got when I applied directly from tube. I had to try thrice to make it proper. Now, the shape to rubbed down to the usual shape so, it is not an issue.

Marsala Lipstick India // L’Oréal Paris COLOR RICHE Pure Reds Collection Star PURE GARNET Swatch

MAC Marilyn Monroe Deeply Adored Dupe - L’Oréal Paris Pure Garnet

MAC Dupe? L'Oreal Pure Garnet is similar to MAC Marilyn Monroe collection's MAC Deeply Adored (a beautiful limited edition red). Both MAC Deeply Adored and L'Oreal Pure Garnet are matte in texture but Pure Garnet has drier. Compared to Deeply Adored, Pure Garnet has more plum but both look quite same on lips.

L’Oréal Paris COLOR RICHE Collection Star PURE GARNET by Sonam Kapoor


  • Intense color in one swipe so, great for pigmented lips
  • Rich wine color apt for winter
  • Long stay
  • Easy to identify packaging
  • Unique color and not easily found in other brands
  • Price - Rs 995 for 4.2 grams
  • Bullet shape might need some practice to achieve perfect look (Only when it is new)
  • Drying.

Overall - I generally don't wear shades like this so, last night I uploaded the lip swatch on Instagram and Facebook to see how people react. Thanks to everyone for the positive response. The color is really unique and not something that you see everyday. What I liked about the collection is that they choose different ambassadors from different countries so that most girls can have their perfect shade. 

The color is pigmented and stays for long. I have to use make sure that I do not skip lip balm with this - EVER. The price without doubt is high so, keep your eyes open for any offers. 


PS - Have you checked the lipsticks that L'Oreal launched just before these? Those are utterly moisturizing and yet, long staying. Check HERE for more.

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