Khadi Honey Body Wash (Hand Crafted Ayurvedic Bathing Bar) Review

Jan 25, 2015

Khadi Honey Body Wash (Hand Crafted Ayurvedic Bathing Bar) Review

I purchased this soap in November '14 and I am in love with this from day one. This is a handmade soap ayurvedic bathing bath that retails at just Rs 75 for 125 grams. 

But, beware of other soaps that are sold by Khadi.

Read more to know the difference...

First, you have to understand that not all Khadi products are the same (even if they have same name). Every khadi product is produced at a different factory (sansthan or gram udyug or vikas kendra etc). Each of them are certified and each of them produces the best for the price they ask. Also, each of them have a different formula and different method of production. Hence, even if the name is same, the product is different.

In this post, I am reviewing the 'Khadi Honey Body Wash' that is manufactured by Maruti Mahila Swawlambi Sansthan, Lucknow. (I am yet to understand which organisation produces better products. But, by general rule, I end up liking the ones that are manufactured in Lucknow.)

Khadi Honey Body Wash (Hand Crafted Ayurvedic Bathing Bar) Review and Ingredients.
Manufactured  by 
Maruti Mahila Swawlambi Sansthan, Lucknow

Along with real honey, it  contains red sandalwood which gives it a very subtle woody touch with sweet real honey smell. The smell is completely different from the easily available Khadi Honey Glycerin Soap (made by Surbhi Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan, Uttarakhand) which smells too sweet and completely artificial. This soap also contains tiger herb, basil leaf, and neem which gives it a different soothing smell. I think, this is the closest I have found to Lush Honey I Washed the Kids Soap.

The soap produces mild lather, does not cause any dryness even in this winter and the smell (which is great) transfer to skin. This glycerin soap does not melts much. 

Right after using it for a week, I went to store and found that is went out of stock. Sadly, the market distribution methods are not that good so, they do not get restocked quickly. Hence, finding them at stores is little difficult. (Maybe that is the reason why I panicked and picked a back up of The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap)

Khadi Honey Body Wash (Hand Crafted Ayurvedic Bathing Bar) Review
GMP Certified, Not Tested on Animals, 100% Natural Active Ingredients

  • Great honey soap which does not smells artificial or too sweet
  • The smell transfers to skin
  • Does not dries skin
  • Creates soft lather
  • Gentle on skin
  • Contains real honey and other natural ingredients
  • 100% natural actives
  • Not tested on animals
  • GMP certified
  • Budget soap at Rs 75 for 125 grams
  • Handmade in cottage industry (generates more employment at village level)

  • Complete ingredients list is missing
  • Availability is a huge issue. If you see this then please buy two!

Khadi Honey Body Wash (Hand Crafted Ayurvedic Bathing Bar) Review

Overall - Khadi Honey Body Wash is an excellent soap. I am not a soap person and I do not write songs on something as simple as a soap but this is great. Right when I got to know about the availability issues, I am rationing its use like some luxury product! I use it as some kind of treat - "Today, I had a great day so, will use the honey soap." In fact, I would have re-purchased it even if it was priced at twice the marked price! It is just worth it. If you even see it anywhere then, please try this. 


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