Winter Specials at The Body Shop // Everything is Either Cute Or Smells Great

Dec 11, 2014

The Body Shop Perry the Penguin, Bob the Polar Bear, 
The Modern Gent's Wash Bag and The Utterly Unique Beauty Bag

Truth be told - I wait for the winter specials at The Body Shop. If you follow any UK/US blog then you might be already seeing them for a long long time (since August!). The excitement really builds up. Not everything that is launched worldwide makes its way to India. So, every year there is a lot of suspense with what will actually come to India.

I am glad that the winter special bath sponge are here - Perry the Penguin and Bob the Polar Bear. I resited myself from getting it because I do not even use the Blueberry Sponge because it is cute. These are cute enough to be used as Chirstmas Tree ornaments!
The special red loofah and red bath gloves are very tempting. I think the gloves are one of the best things from TBS as they work and lasts really long.

Also, the 2 beautiful pouches - The Modern Gent's Wash Bag and The Utterly Unique Beauty Bag. The print on the bag says - "You are a lash batting lip glossing color popping eye defining utterly unique beauty" The other pouches with prints are not launched.

Read more to check the winter specials by The Body Shop

The three special range of winter 2014 are Glazed Apple,Vanilla Brulee and Frosted Cranberry. Glazed Apple is the new variant of this year and reminds me a lot of the TBS Apple Blossom collection. I reviewed the shower gel, lotion and ETD of body shop apple blossom HERE

The following products are available from Glazed Apple, Vanilla Brulee, Frosted Cranberry range.

  • Soap - Rs 295
  • Body Polish - Rs 895
  • Shower Gel - Rs 595
  • Hand Cream - Rs 495
  • Shimmer Lotion - Rs 895
  • Body Butter - Rs 1295
  • Body & Room Spray - Rs 1295
  • Home Fragrance Oil - Rs 595

  • Winter Specials at The Body Shop

    The Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Butter

    The Body Shop Glazed Apple Hand Cream, Home Fragrance Oil and Soap

    But, before you grab your purse and head toward your nearest Body Shop store, here is a sisterly advice - wait for few more days (unless you are really impatient or/and worried about things getting out of stock). Because, I am have a magical sentence for you - Winter Sale is Coming.

    They are currently offering 3 for 20% off but we all know that it might go down to flat 50% in 3-4 weeks.

    The special gift boxes and pouches like the Winter Wonderland Music Box, Tube of Treasures, Snow Globes, Tin of Delights and many others (explore here) are not yet launched. This is another reason that I am not shopping anything now because last year I got my Ginger Sparkle Tin (shaped as gingerbread man) as late as February! (Which I purchased at 10% off and it went down to 50% in a week!)

    And I still dream of the day when advent calenders will make their way to India. #ImpossibleDream


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