Oilcraft Naturals Premium ROSE, MOGRA and PANCHPUSHP Water (STEAM DISTILLED) Review

Dec 24, 2014

Oilcraft Naturals Premium ROSE, MOGRA and PANCHPUSHP Water (STEAM DISTILLED) Review

This winter, I am trying to avoid alcohol toners and use mists. I got to know about Oilcraft which produces stream distilled rose water from the same roses that are used to manufacture Kama Ayurveda Rose Water. Also, Oilcraft retails at almost half the price of Kama Ayurveda. Along with rose water, I also purchased Mogra and Panchpushp (I am seriously committed to no-alcohol-toner-during-winter. LOL).

Continue reading to know if they are at par/better than Kama Ayurveda...

Oilcraft Naturals Premium ROSE, MOGRA and PANCHPUSHP Water (STEAM DISTILLED) Review

Oilcraft Premium Rose Water - This rose water is manufactured using Kannauj roses by steam distilled method (Read what is special about Kannauj roses and steam distillation here). In short - a dupe of Kama Ayurveda at half the price. Unlike other rose water which contains rose oil and water, this is the stream distilled water of rose. Hence, the smell is mild and not as intense as other normal rose waters. But, Oilcraft is more fragrant than the Kama one.  I like to use it before applying Kama Kumkumadi Thailam. I am really pleased with this.

Oilcraft Premium Mogra Water - This is the first time I used mogra water. The smell is like wet flowers. This is not very fragrant.  Hence, it is not as refreshing as the rose water. I like to mix it with face packs or use it just as face mists.

Oilcraft Premium Panchpushp Water - Panchpushp means the blend of 5 flowers for the unique benefit of each flower - Mogra for hydration, Rose for toning, Saffron for healing, Kewra for cooling & softening and Marigold for cleansing. But, of all the flowers, I could only smell kewra. Sadly, I am not a fan of Kewra and have used it as face mist just once. I have given it to my friend who uses this with Kumkumadi thailam.

Oilcraft Naturals Premium ROSE, MOGRA and PANCHPUSHP Water (STEAM DISTILLED) Review

Packaging - The premium water by Oilcraft are packed in a transparent bottles. (I would have preferred opaque or translucent bottles because they ensure that the potency of the distilled water is not reduced by light.)

They come in only 200ml bottles and hence, quite bulky to travel with. I have transferred it to an old spray bottle to keep it in my bag. 

Availability - Oilcraft Naturals products are available at Jabong.com and Flipkart.com

Price - Rs 400 for 200 ml

Overall -  Oilcraft Naturals manufactures premium water by steam distillation method. The products  are environment friendly, not tested on animals and made of natural ingredients.

I am glad that I found these economical version of Kama Ayurveda. I enjoyed the Oilcraft naturals rose water and I will definitely repurchase it. Mogra is also a nice face mist (Kama Ayurveda Mogra smells more fresh than this). I didn't liked Panchpushp due to its strong smell but if you like kewra then you can check it out. (Panchpushp mist is also manufactured by Forest Essentials priced at Rs 650 for 100ml)

Availability and packaging is an issue. But, as long as they are available online and I can transfer them to smaller travel bottle, I am okay with that.


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