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Dec 12, 2014

Lakme is coming up with some new launches that I just want to grab now. RIGHT. NOW

After a really long time, I am seeing some new things in the market which seems affordable. Otherwise, we all know how the prices of even drugstore brands are increasing by leaps and bounds.

Read more for all the details about the new affordable cosmetics by Lakme, their shades and price in India.

Lakme Lip Love Lip Care

They seems to be out of some Japanese cosmetic brand because Indian brands rarely come up with something that is this Super Kawaii. Lakme Lip Love are available in Cherry, Strawberry, Peach and Vanilla. They are priced at Rs 200. Somehow they instantly reminded me of the Lakme Lip Love Conditioners. Remember those?

Lakme Frosties Nail Polish

Sand finish polishes by Lakme. Lakme Frosties are available in Red Frost, Peach Frost, Pink Frost, Mauve Frost, Purple Frost shades. Maybelline already have them but I am looking forward for the peach/orange and pink ones - the color of the pencils. They are prices more than Maybelline. Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania is priced at Rs 125 and Lakme Frosties Nail  is priced at Rs 200. But, Maybelline is sold in 5ml bottle and Lakme Frosties in 9 ml bottle. So, price wise Lakme Frosties comes out to be tad cheaper. But, again 9ml is quite a lot to finish for a nail paint!

Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-Less Lipstick

I am already a fan of the Lakme 9 to 5 colors. Love them! I am really excited about the crease-less one..not that the original ones crease on my lips! I am just excited to see more shades in the range. These crease-less one are prices at Rs 450 while the previous one are for Rs 400. Available in 20 shades - Latte Rules, Wine Order, Rosy Review, Pink Charge, Peach Path, Fuschia Field, Rose Line, Ruby Result, Salmon State.Brick Lead, Flaming Function, Apricot Ace, Candy Commission, Coral Craft, Coral Case, Pink Pursuit, Mauve Spot, Rose Alert,Mauve Progress and Crimson Call.

So, which one got you most exited? I am yet to spot them anywhere. So, if you see these anywhere then please let me know.


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