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Nov 7, 2014

Being very cautious about the ingredients that go into my skincare and makeup, I never buy anything from normal shops or streets. What if they sell something fake? 
But, after buying these two things, I have started to question myself.

Now, let me tell you a short story - Around two years back, L’Oreal launched ‘Confetti’topcoat – (hexes in matte black and white with a very, very subtle shimmer in the clear base – it was the perfect top coat.

Nail polish addicts raved about it but it was a hard to find polish which was going off the shelves in the blink of eye.

Later, Maybelline launched the polka dot collection with black and white hexes in various color bases. Meanwhile, Illamasqua, Model’s Own and Deborah Lippmann also launched similar collections. But, none….NONE reached India. I had high hopes from Maybelline but nada.

You guys have no idea the number of times, I have actually made the order of buying them through various websites agreeing to the absurd international shipping charges….and none provided any guarantee that they will be able to cross the Indian customs!

I have never wanted a nail polish this bad….that too for two long years!

L'Oreal Confetti Source

And then out of the blue, I saw this nail polish. A vendor was selling these for just Rs 60. I mean, here I am, ready to pay Rs 2000 for Rs 250 nail polish and I am getting something similar for Rs 60! How could I not buy it?

Obviously, it is not a great polish because the base smells too much of chemicals but at least I get the black hexes and white ribbons on a white matte base with multi-color glitter.

Me = Happy.

But, I still need one from a reputed brand.

Second thing that I picked is a drip and twist nail polish remover. I had used my first dip and twist back in 2007! But, they entered the main market in opaque bottles around 2012. Somehow, I could never make myself buy them because of the price.
I always thought of doing it a DIY but I never found the perfect bottle. And now, I see a readymade twist and dip in the perfect handy size. I thought that I will drain out the remover and use a good quality one. When I started using it, I could not believe how effective it was. Plus, my fingers smell like grapes after use. It is gentle and effective. The sponge inside have groves which makes it work very fast. I do not have to rub cotton on my nails anymore! This is the best Rs 70 that I spent!


Now, it got me thinking if I am missing out on something by not shopping from the street vendors? Do you ever buy anything from them? Discovered something great? Please comment/email and let me know.

Another thing – have you heard of brand called ‘Cameio’. My friend showed me a lip cream from this brand and the stay is un.be.li.ev.ab.le. I am sold. But, I have never seen this brand anywhere. Also, skeptical of putting something on my lips which might not be tried and tested.

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