4 Scarves By Lavin Accessories You Cannot Miss

Nov 2, 2014

If you have ever meet me or peek inside my satchel (because I do not use handbags in general), the one piece of clothing that you will most definitely find will be a scarf (because I do not use handkerchiefs either. 'Wetwipes' is the word for me). 

I got the habit of using them as head wraps (and what not) while staying in Gurgaon. (I need to save my hair and skin from dust, pollution and Sun!) Old habits die hard. Pheeww. 

Anyways, adding more scarfs to my collections from Lavin Accessories. These are light weight, easy to wash and good for every day use. 

Shhhh..one of them is my new favorite infinity scarf. Read on..

Stormy Skin Scarf is aptly named. The blue sky with some pinks, whites and blacks thrown here and there. This scarf looks very normal by itself but when worn I loved how it transformed the whole look. This is a big square in shape.

Click here to Buy - Stormy Sky Scarf (Rs 599)

Bright animal print (or is it florals?) on a red-orange base. My absolute favorite. This is the longest and broadest of all.

How much I need a infinity scarf with tassels!! [While coming back to Delhi from Chandigarh, I saw a girl with something similar (I think the tassels were white) on the Shatapdi Express (for a train that leave early in the morning, the people dress up like they are going for a party! I have never seen such well dressed train commuters in my life!) and I was about to ask her from where she got it. Duh]

I am really glad that I own this now - very classy, elegant and chic.

Click here to Buy - Vintage Blue Floral Scarf (Rs 499)

A simple light-weight (the lightest of all) rose pink scarf that can worn in a number of way. Isn't the color gorgeous?

Click here to Buy - Cherry Kiss Scarf (Rs 499)

Please let me know which one you liked the most. Please excuse me if you do not like the pictures. The whole thing was done in 5 minutes flat. Otherwise, I would have shown the numerous ways I wear scarfs. But, then you can always Google that. 


Lavin Accessories in owned by Beena Srivastava. She recently started selling her pieces online at Ebay.in. I have provided the links under the pictures/description. She does not charge any shipping.
She provided me these scarves in exchange my of honest review. 

PS: In case you are wondering, the top is from Forever New, the lip color is NYX Amsterdam and the nail polish is Maybelline Blueberry Ice.

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