LUSH from New Zealand

Nov 29, 2014

Thanks to Instagam, I discovered a lot of great blogs and many great people. One such sweet soul in Nishu. She lives in New Zealand and right when she planned to come to India she asked if I needed anything. ANYTHING. She gave a list of websites and every details needed. I had about 20 things in my list but then settled for the two things that I absolutely needed - Lush Aqua Marina and Dark Angels. I also wanted the Lush Christmas specials but thought not to bother the sweet girl anymore. So, she went to the LUSH store just for me to get what I needed! Told you - she is super sweet.

Lush Aqua Marina and Lush Dark Angels
Lush Aqua Marina and Lush Dark Angels from New Zealand

LUSH - Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

And she does not stopped at them. Look what I found in my bag - Triology Cerified Organic Rosehip Oil - I always wanted to try this - and I never told her - and she just knows!!!

Along with that - Its All Good Natural Cream Foot Deodorant - cannot wait to try!!
Skinfood New Zealand Nourishing Moisturiser
A colorful packet of pantyliners

It feels like Christmas to me!!!

I love Nishu and her blog Lips n Berries (please check it out!!!). I love her a lot because there are many things in me that I find in her - love for oils, organic skincare, matte lipsticks, nail art....the list is long. Whenever she says anything about herself (like here, here and here) and 90% times I am like - yes, same here!

I have never found anyone in my life with so much similarities! (BTW, even she is an Aquarian and our birthdays are 6 days apart! - I think I should start believing in Zodiac signs....)

Now, go and check her blog Lips n Berries...


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