Forever 21 Haul - Winter Edition

Nov 30, 2014

Forever 21 is my favorite place to shop. After they started online, I always browse their website at least once a week. There is always something new to try there. Recently, I found few things that I really liked and hence purchased few things. 

Last time, it was all accessories from Forever 21. This time, I ordered clothing. 

Forever 21 Textured Faux Leather Jacket (Beige) Rs.2,769 (Buy)

Just look at it. Look at it again. Try saying that you do not like it! I challenge you!! *wink*

 Forever 21 Excuse My French Top Rs.939 (Buy)

Forever 21 Eyelash-Knit Longline Cardigan Rs.1,969 (Buy)

Super comfy. I feel the need to hug myself when I wear this. Not sure if I will wear it outside because I am worried that I will make this dirty :(

Forever 21 Structured Scuba Knit Blazer (Navy) Rs.1,669 (Buy)

Having a love affair with blazer at this moment. Love the cut of this one. And the buttons - ahhh.

Forever 21 Boston Terrier Ankle Socks Rs.89 (Buy)

No one says no to mint. No one says no to puppies.

Forever 21 Textured Shawl Collar Cardigan Rs 1129 (Buy)

It is only 10% wool. I really hope it had buttons.

Sweet - Shipping is super fast. My order of Sunday was here by Tuesday. My Thursday's order reached on Saturday.

Bitter - Sizing is a issue there as they only mention the dimensions for small size. You have to guess for the rest. In fact, I thought that medium will be my perfect size for the navy blazer. I was not even sure if small will okay for me. I ordered the small as well in my next order (along with the shawl collar cardigan). After comparing I realized that small looks better. So, will return the medium blazer.

They do not do reverse pickup. So, I have to ship it. Also, they do not refund for the return shipping! Sad. Really Sad.

EDIT - I had to ship something back for sizing issue. They have not made the refund even after two months!!! So, be careful about what you order.

Overall -  I am happy with the great deals that I got. Plus, the quality is really nice. That beige faux leather jacket is a win for Rs.2,769! 

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