RAVE ~ FabIndia CHARCOAL Face Scrub Review

Nov 18, 2014

FabIndia CHARCOAL Face Scrub Review

I was heartbroken when Lush closed their stores in India. My first concern was how I will now manage without Aqua Marina and Dark Angels.

Luckily, after I started using toners, my skin is not that oily, and I can do without Lush Aqua Marina. But, I still need a good scrubs.

After a lot of research, I purchased FabIndia Charcoal Face Scrub. After three months of using this, I certify that this is a must have product. Read more for details.

FabIndia CHARCOAL Face Scrub Review

Use – I use this scrub as a mask and keep it on for as long as time permits. Unlike clay masks, this does not harden so; you can talk/eat while you keep it on.

Removing this scrub is not easy and can take a lot of water. To save water and time, after I have kept it on my face for around half an hour, I spray some rose water or damp it with water. After that, I scrub it a little in small circles to loosen the products and get a good exfoliation. Following that, I rinse with water.

Effect – You might not see much difference right after you use this but my skin appears a lot brighter and smoother the next day. I adore this product for this. I use this every time I have some important event the next day.

FabIndia CHARCOAL Face Scrub Review

Texture – Walnut granules in a smooth base with charcoal.

Smell - The scrub smells like lemongrass, but it goes away in minutes. Also, as the product is about the get over, the lemongrass smell is not as strong now as it was when I started with the tub.
FabIndia CHARCOAL Face Scrub Review Price

Price - Rs 280 for 100ml (94g)
FabIndia CHARCOAL Face Scrub Review Ingredients
Fab India Charcoal Face Scrub Ingredients

FabIndia CHARCOAL Face Scrub Review

  • Brightens up skin from within
  • Effective scrub for removing dead skin
  • Can be used as a mask
  • Medium price range
  • Only a small is enough for the whole face. So, lasts long
  • Soothing lemongrass aroma
  • Does not irritate sensitive skin
  • Available at FabIndia stores and some online stores
  • Tub packaging
  • Contains more perfume than charcoal! Also, it contains many chemicals.

FabIndia CHARCOAL Face Scrub Review

Overall – I love how Fab India Charcoal Scrub works for me. It brightens my skin and also makes my skin smooth and supple. Charcoal cleanses and detoxifies from within. It can be used a mask and scrub. It does not irritate flaky or sensitive skin. Plus, the lemongrass aroma is very soothing.

I highly recommend this product.

My only issue is the presence of a lot of chemicals in the product.

I am sure that I would repurchase this because I am really happy how it worked for me. But, before repurchasing, I really wish to try pure activated charcoal and see how it works for me.


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