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Oct 6, 2014

Forever 21 is my favorite brand for affordable accessories. I go crazy every time I visit their store. There is no store in my city so, I was head over heels when Forever 21 started Online Store in India (more details). I finally decided to buy something from them and added other things to reach the amount needed to qualify for free shipping.

Forever 21 Runaround Faux Leather Satchel Rs 1,599 (Buy Here)

I recently purchased a red bag from Hidesign but it was not the red I wished for so, I returned that and started searching online which lead me this beautiful baby. It is of perfect size and color. I was delighted to see that they packed it carefully and kept the plastic wraps intact. The extended straps on the flaps are tricky to deal with and I am yet to get the hang of it. All in all, I think this is a steal. Plus, this is also available in other colors so, do check if you like the design. 

Forever 21 Around the World Wire Headwrap Rs 60 Buy Here
Forever 21 Mod Polka Dot Wire Headwrap Rs 259 Buy Here

After the red bag, I thought of other things I needed and headwraps came to my mind. While the maps printed one is for just Rs 60, I think, I might have paid a little more for the peach polka dot one. (Hey! I was shopping at 2:30 AM!)

Forever 21 Leopard Print Infinity Scarf Rs 359
Not sure why I got this but this is no more available at the online store.

Forever 21 Ombré Wing Drop Earrings Rs.259 (Buy Here)

I purchased it to match with something but sadly it didn't worked so, will wear this with something else. I loved this - ombre, unique and coral pink - what is there not to love?

Total Price of the Goodies - 1,599 + 60 + 259 + 359 + 259 = Rs.2,536
Shipping & Handling: None as the total is more than Rs 2,500. Yeahhh!!!

I shopped on 17th Sept '14 and received the big white box from them on 23rd Sept '24. It took a week but I it is okay considering this was shipped by road but it could have been better.

So, here is my first haul from Forever 21 online store. Did you liked it? 

Do check out their new arrivals section from time to time as they keep on adding new things. 

EDIT - I had to ship something back for sizing issue. They have not made the refund even after two months!!! So, be careful about what you order.


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