Quite A Lot This Time // August Empties 2014

Sep 1, 2014

I am really happy with my this months empties because I am finally getting closer to the day when I will finish all my shower gels. It required lot of self control as well. It is tough not to buy new when you are a borderline bath products addict.  
Anyways, here is all that I finished last month......(there is a unique haircare product in this list)


La Roche Pochsay astringent got over and I purchased the Vichy astringent this time. I will do a comparison post soon. Just a heads up – I love the Vichy one more than La Roche Pochsay.

Nivea Skin Refining scrub is a good budget scrub (review here). I am not going to repurchase as I am using the Fab India Charcoal scrub now.

After my favorite face wash – Just Herbs Silkplash(review) got over, I started using this exfoliating face wash sample which I received with my JustHerbs HaulJust Herbs Lively Clean. I am in two minds about this – which one to buy of these two. In case you are aware of any other natural cleanser then please let me know. I really wish I could repurchase Burt’s Bees Orange cleanser which is 100% natural.

Bath Products

I finished three shower gels this month - The Body Shop Apple Blossom (review), Vineyard Peach (review) and Blueberry (review). These three are limited edition range (but I think Vineyard Peach might be a permanent range now). I am quite sad that these are over but really happy that I could finish them. TBS shower gel bottle lasts really long. I am really close to finishing off all my shower gels.

Hair Care

Chicco Gentle Body wash and shampoo is a good budget SLS/SLES/Alcohol/Paraben/Dye free shampoo. It is priced at just Rs 119 for 100ml. The smell is not that good. As it does not lather much, I end up using a bit more at times (especially when my hair is oiled or dirty) which makes my hair dry. But, when used it moderation, this is quite nice shampoo -Never caused irritation or hair fall. All in all, I might consider purchasing this when I am out of my regular choices.

Just Herbs 8 in 1 Alma Neem Shampoo is a major disappointment from Just Herbs. It just didn’t work for me. It always caused hair fall. I tried using it after some interval to check if it works better under different conditions. Sadly, it always resulted in hair fall. It might have worked on a lot of people but surely this was not for me. (A shampoo with some real good ingredients which is sadly a flop for me)

You might be wondering what Apple Cider Vinegar is doing in this list. Well, when I heard of ‘No-poo’ technique, I was sure it will be tough to replace shampoo with baking soda. But, I was quite intrigued by use of vinegar as after wash. Trust me, diluted Apple Cider Vineger (I used 1 part ACV to 3 part water) not only softens hair but also makes them easy to detangle! This is much better than coating your hair with silicones. Sadly, this is over now and I am not able to re-purchase (not able to find it at store) so, I am shamelessly back to coating my extreme ends with silicon conditioners.

Enliven Nail Polish Remover – I always watch out for bigger bottles of nail polish remover as they always turn out to be economical. So, when my nail polish remover got over and I saw this 250ml bottle for just Rs 150, I purchased this. Sadly, this is the worst nail polish remover that I have ever tried. It takes forever to remove polish and requires a lot of cottton.

Hope you liked the list. This is nice that I am finally learning to use up all I have and control my purchases.

Now, thinking about which shower gel should I buy next. Which is your current favorite shower gel? Please share in comments below.


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