Just Herbs Fennel and Manjistha Rejuvenating BEAUTY PACK Anti-Tan Instaglow Review

Sep 17, 2014

When you tell me a product is 100% natural, there is no way I can say no to it. All powder face packs by Just Herbs are 100% natural with no added fragrance, preservative or color. So, I picked this one when I purchased from their online website.
Price – Rs 245 for 75 gms

What Just Herbs Says - An instant glow pack containing the goodness of natural proteins, vitamins and minerals to help restore a youthful appearance of the deprived skin by stimulating the blood circulation thus bringing a surge of nutrients, boosting the detoxification process thus restoring the biological functions of the skin. The anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and nourishing properties help maintain skin elasticity, ease out fine lines and create an even colour tone, to impart a luminous glow instantly.

Ingredients - Fennel fruit, Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Quercus infectoria, Citrus aurantium peel, Symplocos racemosus, Citrus medica peel, Curcuma longa, Punica granatum , Terminalia arjuna, Lentils (Ervum lens), Hordeum vulgare, Cicer arientinum, Indian Volcanic clay.

How I use it – This is majorly a multani mitti (Indian Volcanic Clay) pack. So, I soak it for few minutes in rose water or normal water and then apply. I let it dry and then pat my face with water to make it wet. Then, I massage the face pack in small round circles to take if off while simultaneously helping to blood circulation to boost detoxification.
My views – I am sold at the point that this is 100% natural with no added fragrance, preservative or color. Plus, it does not sting or irritate at all. I have used it when my skin was burning from acne and also when I had some other skin issues but this never caused any stinging or burning sensation. In fact, it calms down the skin. (Similar thing is with the Vadantika face pack. But, it contains camphor type something which gives mild stinging feel but that is within tolerance and helps in making your skin better). My skin feels fresh after I use this but, as such I could not see any major difference. This does not help much in recovering from acne (which Vedantika face pack does like a boss). Also, I have not seen any major difference after using it.

  • 100% Natural. No added fragrance, preservatives or colour. I am actually sold at this point
  • Free from petrochemicals, parabens, SLS/SLES PEG/PPG, Genetically modified ingredients(GMO) and other synthetic ingredients
  • Does not irritate sensitive skin
  • Calms irritated skin
  • It basically seems to be like a properly bottled multani mitti with few other ingredients.
  • Available online. I am yet to spot Just Herbs at stores.

Overall – If you are looking for a pure face pack with no shenanigans and you not have any skin issues to attend to but just need something to maintain your skin then I will suggest this. Otherwise, this is not a heavy duty face pack from which you see results soon. Also, if you can source original/pure multani mitti then get that instead of this.

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