Shopping After 48 Days of Shopping Ban // Essentials and Little Cheating

Aug 18, 2014


I was on a self-imposed shopping ban. In fact, I am still on a shopping ban. I maintained the whole thing for 48 days (the last time I shopped was here) and that too during the super sale period. Shopped nothing! I was avoiding a visit to the mall to prevent myself from any urge. I was trying to keep calm all the time by saying – I will buy a lipstick from YSL or Estee Lauder when the ban in over.

Interestingly, there is no end date!

But, when my La Roche-Posay Astringent got over, I had to re-purchase that. Sadly, it was not available anywhere online so, I decided the search for something with same ingredients. My search ended for with astringent from Vichy. As I had to visit the mall, I gave it a thought on things that I really needed.

Vichy Normaderm Purifying Pore Tightening Lotion Antringent

Item #1 – Need – An Astringent like La Roche-Posay Effaclar – The major ingredients of Vichy Normaderm Purifying Pore Tightening Lotion Astringent and LRP ones are same. This astringent is milder than LRP and does not sting at all.

Price – Rs 990. Plus, the lovely SA provided me with some great samples. Let’s see which ones work for me.

Lavie Peach Celebes Quilt Sling Bag

Item # 2 - Need – A Cross-Body Bag for mobile, wallet and lipstick – I do not carry handbags. I am always comfortable with satchels, messenger bags and cross body bags. Will you believe me if I say that all my satchels and cross-body bags were torn or broke in last two month? Yes, it is true. I was left with just two black ones. I needed to new. I liked this Lavie Peach Celebes Quilt Sling Bag which I got at a good offer.

Price – Rs 2340 after 50% off at Rs 1170 …..Steal!!! 

Fab India Charcoal Scurb

Item # 3 – Need - A scrub like Lush Dark Angels – As you must be aware of the sad news that Lush has closed all their stores in India. I thought maybe they will reopen but now, I am done waiting. I wanted to DIY a charcoal scrub but could not grab any activated charcoal tablets. So, I purchased the only one substitute in India – Fab India Charcoal Scrub. I have used it once. It smells like lemons, has a bulky packaging and takes some time to remove.

Price – Rs 280

FabIndia Charcoal Scrub

Crocs Gianna Purple Flats

Item # 4 – Need – Strong robust rain slippers – Because it rains all the time in Kolkata, Kolkata rains have eaten up my 3 soft sole slippers/shoes, I do not intend to buy shoes with flashy colors or tones and I do not want to buy footwear that won’t be comfortable for long walks. My search ended at Crocs – not proud of it! I purchased Crocs Gianna Purple Flats.

Price – Rs 2495 after 50% off at Rs 1248

Sally Hansen Fast Acting Nail Polish remover

Item # 5 – Need – How can I survive without Nail Polish remover? - Re-purchased Sally Hansen Fast Acting Nail Polish remover.

Price – Rs 275

Detachable Donut Bun

Item # 6 – Not Much Need – I always wanted these detachable hair buns. I need these to create the Game of Thrones Sansa’s Southern Hairstyle. I purchased these two from Accessorize.

Price – Rs 1190 (Rs 595 X 2) after 70% discount at Rs 357 (Rs 178.5 X 2)

Item # 7 – Cheating – Well, I was thinking of buying one YSL or an Estee Lauder lipstick. I even zeroed down to the shade I needed. But, when I saw that my favorite range from Revlon has launched new shades, I could not resist. Revlon’s Super Lustrous range of lipsticks is my favorite of all lipsticks ranges. I love them more than MAC lipsticks and already have 8 of them (6 cremes and 2 mattes).

Price – Rs 550

Item #8 and #9 – Randoms - Not part of haul but I thought of sharing these anyways –

This black toothbrush from Colgate with activated charcoal is making news everywhere and I was quite intrigued. But, now I am worried about using it because my Mom commented – “It looks like someone use it to dye their hair!” Ewwww

Price - Rs 60

Fab India Seabuckthorn – just because I never tried much food items from Fab India.

Price – Rs 150

India Beauty Blogger Haul

Total Money Spent - Rs 4870 on things I needed + one lipstick
Total Money Saved - Rs 3251
Plus, the samples from Vichy because I purchased from the store instead of online.

(Even the bag was cheaper because I purchased from the actual store instead of online or multi-brand outlets)

What do you think about the haul? Now, I will go back to my ban.

 I will buy the YSL and Estee Lauder later *wink*

Keep Smiling,


Just in case you are wondering...

Why Shopping Ban? Because I really want to finish my cosmetics. I thought that doing empties post will give me motivation but as I kept on buying, it was not helping. For the sake of finishing all I purchased, I am even using the Deborah Milano Dermolab Express Cleansing Water which does nothing for me. NOTHING. (You can read the list of products I regret buying and save money HERE)

Why do I need to finish everything? I want to give myself a lesson on why-not-to-buy-things-that-looks-tempting! Trust me, I am more objective towards things now and know when to skip them though they are new in market (unless they are something that I must review and share with readers)

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