Beauty Blender Dupe for Rs 259 (~$ 4)?? Forever 21 Makeup Sponge

Aug 29, 2014

Beauty Blender Dupe in India

The makeup world is still under the domination of beauty blender. The revolutionary tear drop shopped pink sponge for applying makeup is raved by most youtube gurus. There are huge debates on if it is worth 20$ or not. So, the other brands brought in many dupes and copies. But, there were none in India. Luckily, I found these at the Forever 21, Infinity Mall, Mumbai and grabbed them with my huge paws. I have to at least try and see what the fuss is all about…right?

How it works? I love how it works when it is dry. I found the finish to be better than stripping brush. But, it eats up a lot of product. When it is wet, then it slips on the skip and quite uneasy to use. The same issue remains when it is damp (water squeezed out). It seems as if I am coating my skin with foundation. Overall, I loved how it worked when it is dry. The finish is even, smooth and without any streaks.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup Sponge compared to Beauty Blender

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup Sponge compared to Beauty Blender - I have not used BB but here is what I have leant after watching a lot of video.

1. The size of Beauty Blender doubles when it is wet but that is not the case here. The size remains the same. In fact, when this was new, it would repel water. After repeated use, now it absorbs water but still no increase in size.

2. The sponge is not soft/bouncy. It is quite hard. But, as the ability to absorb water is getting better, it is getting tad softer., I have started to think if it will get too soft one day and lose its shape. (Will update on this)

Cleaning – When I use it dry, the liquid foundations/BB creams seems to seep it and it is tough to clean that. Other than that, it is easy to clean it.

Beauty Blender Dupe Forever 21 Makeup Sponge

Forever 21 Love & Makeup Yellow Makeup Sponge

Forever 21 Makeup Sponge Beauty Blender Dupe

Is it worth the price? Yes, sure. I love how it smoothly applies makeup. I definitely prefer it more than brushes these days.

It is a possible dupe? Considering the fact that Beauty Blender is not available in India , this is a nice choice if you want to try and see how tear-shaped sponges work for you.

But, if can source it then, it is better to invest on the real thing before 2-3 similar cheaper ones which in total with amount up the price of a Beauty Blender. I have started to think if this cheap sponge works this great, the real thing must be wonderful.

Do you own a Beauty Blender or anything similar? Have you spotted/purchased this at your nearest Forever 21? Do share....I am all ears now


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