MAC Flat Out Fabulous Dupe? (For Rs 180?)

Jul 5, 2014

Please have a look at the below picture carefully. I am wearing one color on the left side and another on right side. Let me know your thoughts - do you think they can be called copy of each other?

MAC Flat Out Fabulous Dupe
MAC Flat Out Fabulous Dupe

The lip color on left = MAC Flat Out Fabulous
The lip color on right  = Streetwear Pink Passion

MAC lipsticks is priced at Rs 1150
Streewear is priced at Rs 180.

MAC Flat Out Fabulous Dupe

Here is another swatch comparison.

MAC Flat Out Fabulous Dupe
 right :Streetwear Pink Passion, left : MAC Flat Out Fabulous

When I swatched Streetwear Pink Passion (SPP) at store, I thought it must be a dupe of Mac Flat Out Fabulous (MFOF). So, when I returned, the first thing I did was to compared the bullets. They look very different so, I didn't cared about it. But, today I decided to check how different they were and I was amazed.

MFOF is popular partly because of the color and partly because of the texture. So, if you are running for the color then I think it is a close dupe at a great affordable price of Rs 180 only. For texture, SPP is glossier than MFOF. So, you can blot SPP to get a matte look.

Now, you decide - Dupe or No Dupe?

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