In Love with AVON Ultra Color Matte LILY and GARNET Lipstick // Review

Jul 25, 2014

AVON Ultra Color Matte LILY and GARNET Lipstick // Review

There are things that you are in love with since Day 1 and but then the love fades, you completely forget about them only to discover them lying around somewhere in your vanity drawers during spring cleaning!

Then, there are things which you love from Day 1 and the love never fades.

When I saw these two lipsticks in my mail box, I was in deep deep love. Loved the color, formula, packaging, texture, price and I wished to shout out - GO BUY THIS. But, for some reason, I was afraid. What if the love for this fades? What if it does not deliver the way it does after few days? So, I hold my horses and after 5 weeks, here is the complete review. (Yup, I take time)

Texture –For the love of all things Pink, I tried Avon Lily first and the texture reminds me of Bourjois Sweet Kiss lipstick. The case is same with Avon Garnet. The texture of Avon Lily transforms to a powdery matte finish within minutes. The texture of Garnet remains glossy and vibrant.

Formula – The bullet glides smoothly like a moisture lipsticks. Only one swipe is a enough to cover lip pigmentation and deliver full color. Thought they glide easily, they are quite strong. They do not settle on lines.

Avon Lily Pink Lipstick Indian Skin Swatch

Avon Garnet Red  Lipstick Indian Skin Swatch

Color – Both colors are true to bullet. Lily is cool toned pink and Garnet is blue based glossy red. I thought Garnet might be similar to Revlon Certainly Red but they are quite different in terms of color but similar in texture.

Stay – Lily stays around 5-6 hours without any issue. The powdery matte texture is easy to handle and it hardly transfers. It does not leave any pigmentation/stain. Garnet stays for the same time but needs attention like any unforgiving glossy red which might slip if not taken care of during meals etc. Both fade evenly.

Smell – They have a slight smell which thankfully goes away in 10-15 minutes.

AVON Ultra Color Matte LILY and GARNET Lipstick // Review

Packaging – The black packaging is strong and sturdy. I love that the top is see-trough glass; no need to open all lipsticks to check which one is which after the paper labels peels off from bottom.

Price - Rs 375 for 3gm. (Check of offers. Plus, if you know any Avon representative then you can even get more discounts)

AVON Ultra Color Matte LILY and GARNET Lipstick // Review

  • Lovely colors. I want more but sadly there seems no other color to suit me as the rest looks like dark for my personal choice
  • Easy to glide texture with a strong bullet.
  • Stays for a good amount of time.
  • Does not settle on line
  • See thought top to help easily find the colors.
  • Budget price 

  • Available thought representatives only
  • Awkward smell (which thankfully goes away)

AVON Ultra Color Matte LILY and GARNET Lipstick // Review

Overall - I think Avon Ultra Color Mattes are great budget lipsticks. You are seriously getting more that what you are paying here. I love both of them but obviously Lily wins over Garnet. You might think that my love for pink is speaking here but it is because of the fuss-free formula of Lily. 

I never expected such nice texture and sturdy packaging from Avon but this range have surprised me in a good way. I hope Avon introduces more bright/vibrant/young colors in this range.


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