6 Current Favorites and New Discoveries // Mini Review // July '14

Jul 21, 2014

Innisfree Camellia Shine Hair Essence, Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream, The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Perfume Oil, Care and Essentialz Cotton Pads, Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Compact, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
Here are few of my current favorites and new discories along with their mini reviews.

Innisfree Camellia Shine Hair Essence – I still love the serum as much as I have from the very beginning. As I do use sulfate free shampoos and hardly use silicon conditioner, I need a very little of this to detangle my hair. Interestingly, I am yet to reach the 50% mark even after around 6 months of use. In fact, I now take the continued existence of this hair serum for granted and do not think that this will ever land on any empties post! I highly recommend this hair serum if you can source this. Review 

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream – What started as a nappy rash cream is now everyone’s favorite for acne. I was aware how miraculous the product is as I have seen a lot of before and after product. Recently, I discovered it at Little Shop and grabbed it. Few weeks back, I had severe rashes all over my face – red angry ones. And this worked like magic. In 4 days, my skin was back to normal with no marks left behind. I gave some to one of my colleague who suffers from severe cystic acne and this helped her as well. This is a miracle product.

The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Perfume Oil – Not as strong as itra, looks cute and smells nice. This is practically living in my makeup pouch and I make sure to take it around. As it is small, it fits even the tiniest clutches. I was afraid of the glass bottle as it might break but the glass is surely strong enough. Review.

Makeup Bag Contents - Body Shop Night Jasmine Perfume Oil, Crabtree and Evelyn Torocco Orange Hand Cream, Streetwear Compact, MAC Mocha, Origami 3 Ply Pocket tissues, Lakme eyeconic kajal.

Streetwear Color Rich Perfection Compact – I quite like it. I just have one complain that the mix is not smooth. I found white talc type tiny beads below the surface. I faced no issue because of those as the puff in it works really well.

Care and Essentialz Cotton Pads – I was not willing to shell out money for the Body Shop ones. I purchased few budget ones recently but all were just waste of money (specially one brand called Cool Cool from New U was pathetic). I discovered this in Spencer’s recently and with much apprehension I got it. These have honeycomb texture which makes it really effective. And the price is just Rs 72 for 100 pads. (The Body Shop cotton rounds are priced at Rs300 for 100 pads)

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue – Good News – This is the perfect cobalt blue nail polish. Bad News – Like some other nail polish shades, Sally Hansen has decided to change the color (No one knows why). I am head over in heels in love with this. And I will surely say that buy this color before it goes out of stock. Because the next stock will definitely be the new color and not this.

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Please comment and share your current favorites. Any amazing product that you have recently discovered?

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